Draycott in the Moors Church & Community Hall


For map showing the location of the Draycott-in-the-Moors Church & Community Hall –  click here .
For those of you with sat-navs, the postcode is ST11 9AG – it is on Church Lane, and  just beyond the church itself.

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There has been a lot of refurbishment activity at the hall over the few years – so here’s a quick summary.

A new, independent body, the five-strong ‘Church Hall Committee’, took over the responsibility for the hall in January 2011, not only now looking after its accounts and structure, but sorting out the bookings too.
The hall is now independent of the church.

Since then, there’s been a deal of work on it by the committee, particularly from chairperson Joyce Moore and from Mary Edwards.
The committee have not been shy of dragging in their spouses to help – so thanks are due to them as well!

The hall has been officially re-named as ‘Draycott Community & Church Hall’, and a grant from Councillor Mike Maryon’s community-fund helped the work progress.
Though still owned by St Margaret’s Church, the hall now functions as a venue for anyone in the community to use, though church groups can and do still use it of course.
As part of the arrangement, St Margaret Church’s groups still get to use it for free, but other groups need to pay a hire fee.

The floor in the ladies’ toilets has been renovated and the walls have been repainted, and the painting of the roof interior was done in 2016. It’s hoped that the roof is now properly insulated too.
In the pipeline are works to: renovate the kitchen floor; put up new lighting and renew the drain outside the front door.
The heating is now as good as it’s ever been, with regulated timings. (Some groups even think the heating makes the place too warm!).
The car-park was re-tarmaced in 2014, and can hold two dozen cars, with an overspill car-park across the lane.
Bookings are satisfactory, and the price – set at £7.50 an hour to users (as of Dec 2016) – seems to be about right. The hall can hold around sixty people.  Thanks to some new tables, just over thirty people can be seated comfortably for events such as workshops.

Half a dozen organisations use it regularly & frequently – though  there are still lots of slots if other users are out there wanting to use it…
See Things To Do in Draycott for a snapshot of which groups are using the hall at the moment.

If anyone has any views on the use of the church hall, or how it can be improved even more – please email Joyce.

To hire Draycott Church Hall – which is open to all the community – please contact Mary Edwards 01782 394807 or Joyce Moore 01782 396728.
(Molly Burgess used to be the contact, but Mary & Joyce have agreed to take over)


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  1. Church hall on maps

    There is now a direct link to the hall available on googlemaps:


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