Cresswell community converses

The Cresswell Community Conversation

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is on a mission to create what it calls its next series of ‘local development frameworks’. In other words, how and if communities in the district want to grow. These will help form the forthcoming Staffordshire Moorlands Core Strategy.
To this end, it’s been holding ‘community conversations’ in each locality.

A month ago, it was Draycott-in-the-Moors’ opportunity, but this week has been the turn of Cresswell.
About forty residents turned up, including members of the parish council and VVSM. They were met – at the Church Hall – by officers from the district council. Acting as independent mediator was Michelle Reynolds from the Staffordshire Moorlands Council for Voluntary Service.

Some amazing fact-sheets were presented, with all sorts of facts and figures about Draycott/Cresswell that were quite an eye-opener. (I’ll write about those in another post!)


It was quite a cheery, good-hearted event as people split up into discussion groups and came up with ideas about how to best see Cresswell into the next decades.
Not everybody agreed with each other of course but there was a strong spirit of co-operation.

In fact, Cresswell is classed as an ‘Other Rural Area’ (as opposed to a ‘Town’ or ‘Smaller Village’), so only essential development is likely anyway (though it’s possible it could have an extra few houses built if residents felt that would be a good thing).
Michelle is going to pull together a report eventually summarising the event.

A final summary will be published on the Community Conversations website sometime around in early 2012. Claire Sansom is the SMDC officer pulling that together.


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