St Margaret’s – a poem

Thank you to local poetess Janet Pointon who let us have a copy of her poem celebrating the village’s ancient church.  You can also see copies of it at the back of the church itself.

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St Margaret’s Church. Draycott-Le-Moors – a poem by Janet Pointon

Solid and proud she gazes down upon
Her village, at the foot of Church Lane
Centuries of sun baked into her walls
Her beauty enhanced by the rain.

A mother hen with her wings spread wide
Gently drawing her children near
To comfort and protect her fragile brood
Giving solace and escape from life’s fears.

Her imposing tower with its cast iron bells
Is the voice of this sacred place of prayer
Tolling forth her news to those who will listen
An invitation to enter and share……

……To share in the joy of a new born babe
A couple making vows to each other
The passing of a much loved villager
Someone’s father, mother, sister or brother.

The heart that beats in this ancient old church
The life-force she is founded upon
Is made up of millions of heartfelt prayers
From faithful followers, each and every one.

For when you pray in this humble house of God
Where love and forgiveness reign supreme
You find yourself lifted to a much higher plane
And your soul becomes a spiritual being.

Alas the church’s numbers are dwindling
As folk frantically search for their ‘goals’
Ignoring the fact that just up the lane
Is a harbour for their restless souls!

Draycott village is losing its amenities
But St Margaret’s undaunted stands sure
A haven for all true believers
Representing all that is simple and pure.

The stone edifice may stand for centuries more
But unless her pews are filled
Her bells could fade on the winds of change
And her beating heart might be stilled.

So, let’s as parishioners do all that we can
To keep the Light of God in our church
A sanctuary to where we all can retire
And find peace in our relentless search.


2 responses to “St Margaret’s – a poem

  1. Inspiring poem !

    The church is so beautiful and heart of our community spirit. We can see the church from our home and it is a beacon of hope in all weathers

    Thank you Janet

    The Isteed family


  2. Beautiful tribute

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful Church. Well done and thanks Janet.

    Richard Finney


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