Parish council put up tax

The proposals for this year’s council tax are now in, and Draycott’s Parish Council has asked for one of the lowest ‘precepts’ in the Moorlands.

As their parish-council contribution to the overall council tax, it looks like Draycott ‘Band D’ households will be paying just £17.38 each this year, which will help bring some £6,500 into the PC’s coffers.
According to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, this represents a 1.4% increase on last year.

For comparison, neighbouring town and parish councils have asked for varying amounts from their ‘Band D’ householders. For example:  Cheadle – £54.81; Checkley – £38.92; Dilhorne – £20.95; Forsbrook £26.08; Werrington – £14.74.
However, the new ‘Uttoxeter Rural’ Parish Council managed a determined cut of 15% from its budget – see ‘Tax Controversy’ story in the Uttoxeter Advertiser.

Of course, the parish part of the council tax is minute compared to what is also added on by the district council, county council and statutory authorities, so the total council tax bill for households is much bigger. However, all those authorities have announced there will be no demand for any increase from them this year.

See:  Moorlands town & parish council tax proposals  (this will download a Word document)


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