Work starts on Totmonslow old railway

The Cheadle & Tean Times reports that the local railways company ‘Moorland & City’ is already carrying out clearing work on the former Cheadle to Cresswell line.
What the company want to do is to return trains to it.
The paper says that Moorland & City bought a lease on the line at Christmas.

Rail lines at Huntley Railway Bridge

Rail track at Huntley Railway Bridge

The line closed down in the 1960s, but the track way is still clearly marked, and some of the old rails are even still down.
It passes from Cheadle, round Teanford, past Huntley Wood, through Totmonslow, and thence to Cresswell, where it meets the main Uttoxeter-Stoke line.

Well, we can confirm that clearing work is definitely going on. Just this weekend, we saw the heaps of rails that have taken up and are now being gathered into piles by Totmonslow Rail Bridge.
It would be interesting to know what M&C intend to do with the old rails.

And, as you can see from the photo, taken just this weekend, trees overlooking the line on the Huntley Wood stretch are now also being cut back.

Tree-cutting at Huntley - on the old Cheadle to Cresswell line

Tree-cutting at Huntley - on the old Cheadle to Cresswell line

Moorland & City are most famous of course for their proposals to re-open the railway line from Leek to Stoke (via Endon) and the line from Leek to Alton (via Oakamoor).


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