Trespassing prosecutions likely

It seems like plans for a full opening of the new outdoor recreation centre at Huntley Wood are to be slightly postponed. However, there will still be a partial opening this summer.

The new owners Jonathan Ely and his wife Emma King have been developing the site up there (it’s an old sand & gravel quarry, as well as woodland) for nearly two years.
The idea is to provide an outdoor, safe environment for organisations from scouts to role-playing groups.
They managed to secure basic planning permission last April for the centre. Formal permission is however still needed for some of the wooden buildings which are next to be constructed.


As local people know there have been problems with trespassers over the last few months. Although there are public footpaths through Huntley Wood, trespassers have been going away from the paths – and even tearing down the signs asking them to stick to the legal paths.

Speaking to us just the other day, Mr Ely said the trespassers were also running the risk of injury to themselves, as development work on the site was fully underway.
He said the problem had got so bad that evidence is now being gathered – in order to make prosecutions.

See:  Jonathan Ely’s Huntley Wood Blog


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