The case of the missing SID

It’s a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes…
Whatever happened to the speed limit monitors that appeared and then disappeared on Uttoxeter Road?

In early March, the ‘speed indication devices’, also known as SIDs, were installed on Uttoxeter Road here in Draycott in the Moors – one being opposite the Mango Tree restaurant, and one by Stuart Avenue – a 300 yard stretch.

Speed indication device at draycott

The SID when it was up by The Mango Tree

It’s a good place to have SIDs as the cars rush off the dual carriageway from the A50, more often than not exceeding the 40mph limit.

But… something odd happened.

The monitors worked for only a week. And then – just before the end of March – they were both removed altogether! All that’s left is the slightly disturbed earth where they had been embedded!

What was it all about?

Link:  Speed Indication Devices in Staffordshire


One response to “The case of the missing SID

  1. It is surprising perhaps, but many SIDs function for no more than three weeks. They are put up on temporary posts.
    The findings give a snapshot of the speed problems in an area, and can be used for statistics.
    So it’s not unusual that they would be up only for a month or so.
    It is odd that that the light display only worked for a week though.


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