News of… work at hall, marriage bells, and a shrine

Just a few snippets of news for you in this month of April 2012… on: missing cat, gay marriage, a peal of marriage bells – and more.
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Village hall

The event at which there was a Vote Of Thanks to County Councillor Mike Maryon (for his help with funds for the Church Hall) went very well, with some forty people turning up to the Church Hall on a lovely sunny Saturday morning.

Cllr Mike Maryon (centre)

Cllr Mike Maryon (centre) gave a short speech at Draycott Church Hall

Mike had granted some of his ‘community fund’ allocation (£1500) to support the renovation work that has taken place over the past 18 months at the hall. He did say he’d even consider further funding – for the hall’s roof insulation and renewed lighting, not to mention work needed on the ‘garden’. Fingers crossed, eh?

Peal of bells

On April 27th, Austin Knott and Jackie Rhodes get married at Draycott St Margaret’s. Congratulations to them!
This will be doubly nice for the district. Not only is there a wedding going on of a very popular local couple, but the church bell-ringing group has promised a half-hour peal of bells to welcome the pair to the church.
One doesn’t get to hear the St Margaret bells very often, so why not make sure you’re around to hear this free ‘concert’?
(Believe it or not, a few of the bells are almost 400 years old!)

VVSM’s last lottery

Villagers Voice – the group monitoring the Cresswell power station plans – managed to raise thousands of pounds to fund their successful campaigns through their monthly lottery.
However, with the campaigns now either won or on hold, they’ve decided not to continue with the lottery, and the last draw was held a few weeks ago.

Missing cat

A kindly soul let us know (using this site’s Notice Board page) that the body of a dead cat had been recovered by the side of Sandon Road. She thought the owners should know.
The cat was coloured in white, black and tabby patches, with a dark head. It probably had been struck by a car.


Zandy & Karen have settled in well as the new owners of the Izaak Walton Inn.
Sadly, the bar manager, Frankie, has a committment in Portugal for the next six months, so we won’t see her again until November, it seems. We all hope she has a marvellous time!

Gay marriage

In the latest (April) edition of the St Margaret’s Church Magazine, the rector, Rev David Bickersteth, takes on the issue of same-sex marriage in one of his editorials.
The Government has proposed redefining civil marriage laws so that the term can apply to civil unions between same-sex couples. (There will be no change for religious marriages).

David gives his own position – saying he has signed the petition opposing the Government’s proposal. He says he believes that the country is unlikely to support the proposal either.


Last month, a cyclist passing through Cresswell sadly collapsed and died. Now his friends have put together one of those ‘roadside memorials’ that we see on our highways.

Roadside memorial to Paul Derbyshire

Though it’s only a few items, it’s very touching.  You can see it on the kerbside by the flyover bridge in Cresswell Lane.

If you don’t know much about roadside memorials, BBC Staffordshire did a local project on them – click here.


It’s a packed Draycott in the Moors events diary for April!

One event to definitely look at is the Coffee Morning, when you can find out just what pastimes and classes take place at the Church Hall in Draycott.  Free to get in – and should be an eye-opener.
The Draycott le Moors WI (Womens Institute) will be at the coffee morning, but they also have their own AGM – under their president Marilyn Walsh – a couple of days later.

But, there’s loads more – a TouchTennis Open Tournament at Draycott Sport Centre, a big match at the football ground, an Introduction to Family History day, the return of cricket, and a traditional English Market…

Parents should note that cricket coaching is back in Draycott after the winter break. Contact Lisa (07909 520550) or Mick (07527 119099) for details.

For details of these, and more, check out the Things To Do page.


One response to “News of… work at hall, marriage bells, and a shrine

  1. In the interests of fairness, it should be noted that many Christians have no issue with gay marriage, and that the majority of the population under fifty is in favour of it according to many polls. However, from the point of you of historical firsts, have we had one involving Draycott yet?


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