Attacked by knitting…

Did you wonder what a piece of coloured knitting was doing wrapped around a lamppost in Cresswell?  ( It can be seen at the junction of Cresswell Lane and Cresswell Old Road.)
So did we.

Item of 'guerilla knitting'

Is this a piece of 'guerilla knitting'?

So far, no one has owned up to it, but we believe it may be a piece of ‘guerrilla knitting’…  Guerrilla knitting is a sort of artistic comment on the world, where items are knitted and then put up anonymously in a public space. In other parts of the country, residents have even woken up to find pillar boxes decorated in knitted jackets!
Activists, who prefer to be anonymous, are sometimes known, jokily, as yarn-archists.

But why here in north Staffordshire? Well, it may be to do with the fact that a famous guerrilla knitter, Ruthie Ford, was in Stoke-on-Trent at the weekend.

Perhaps. But, then again, maybe we’ll never know.

Update (28/04/2012)

Thanks to Caroline who wrote in to the site to tell us of yet more ‘guerilla knitting’ sightings in our village.
She spotted another ‘granny square‘ on the telegraph post just the other side of the level crossing… and also this one pictured below, which is on the Uttoxeter Road/Cresswell Old Road junction near Totmonslow.

More guerilla knitting...

Curiouser and curiouser!

Guerrilla knitting hits Crewe / Ruthie Ford at Festival Park, SoT / Yarn-Bombing


4 responses to “Attacked by knitting…

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  4. I liked your article about the kntting ‘attacks’, but then I was surprised to see even more knitting phenomena as I was walking up Cresswell road! I’ve sent you some photos.


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