Rubbish collection: all change!

Starting in May, rubbish collection day will change for most of us round here. It’s all part of Staffordshire Moorlands DC’s attempts to reduce costs in its waste disposal section.

We’ve been told that, unless there are teething problems, most of us shouldn’t notice any real change – collections will still be weekly (alternating between household rubbish collection one week and recycling collections the next).
If you’re not sure what your new day of collection is, click here to find out.

Recycling truck in Canberra, ACT

Recycling rules

We also glanced at the latest rules on what goes in what bin, which make for some interesting reading.

As we know, we now have to put cardboard (right through from the thicker stuff that makes up boxes to the thin stuff that makes up food packaging & greetings cards) into the recycling (grey) bin.  This is because some inks in printed cardboard can make it unsuitable for composting, so it can’t go in the garden-waste bin anymore.
Tetrapak (the waxed stuff used for juice cartons) used to be banned from the grey bin, but now it can now go in there too.

On the other hand, the garden-waste bin, these days, is more of a compost bin. It seems pretty much any organic kitchen waste – from scraps off the plate to meat and fish bones (wrapped in a single sheet of newspaper only) – can go into it, alongside the grass and plant cuttings etc…

It can get a little puzzling as to what goes in what, so it’s worth referring to the exact what-goes-where guide on the Moorlands DC site.

Anyway, let’s hope the changes come off without hitch…

Link:   Answers to questions about waste collection in Staffs Moorlands


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