Need funds for an idea?

Do you have ideas on how to improve this little community of ours? There are a few ways you can be funded to make an idea work.

First… well, the new round of the Staffordshire Local Community Fund (SLCF) is now open – so you could apply to that.
Each county councillor has an allocation of £10,000 to grant to initiatives in their district, and they choose what projects to grant funds to from it.

Our local county councillor is Mike Maryon, and it’s to him first of all you must talk.  If Mike agrees first that the project is eligible, then you have to fill in the formal application form.
For more details, see: Councillor Mike Maryon’s community-fund

Some projects that attracted SLCF funding last year in other areas included Cheddleton’s Diamond Jubilee beacon, and even a graffiti-wall art project in Tean – but all sorts of suggestions are viable!
(Last year, Mike granted £1500 out of his SLCF to help repairs at Draycott in the Moors Community Hall).

Community funding

Of course, the SLCF is not the only way to get grants for community initiatives.

For example, the ‘Village SOS’ is a Big Lottery Fund initiative created specifically to help villages set up community businesses (such as an outlet for local produce, or a community bus service) – and it is inviting applicants now.
The process is a lot more demanding on applicants perhaps than the SCLF, but then the amounts of money are bigger too.
Find advice and inspiration on

If you think Villages SOS could be interesting, there’s a free one-day event in Shrewsbury on May 15. If you do go, tell us what it was like!

Any more?

If you only want a little bit of money, you could ask the District-Councillor for a grant from the Moorlands Councillors’ Community Initiative Fund.
It’s only in the range of a few hundred pounds, but, who knows? Cllr Mark Deaville is the local district-councillor with special responsibility for Draycott-in-the-Moors.

Does anyone else know where grants can be picked up for community ideas? If so, we’d love it if you told us.  Just write in the comments box below!


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