Dog owners, beware!

It looks like it could be an uncomfortable few months to come for people taking their dog for a walk.

Dog-poop-scoop-signThe local district council has decided to crack down on owners who let their dogs ‘poop’ in public areas – and then fail to clean the mess up.

In fact, just recently, two ‘on-the-spot fines’ of £80 were handed out in nearby Blythe Bridge. If the owners had refused to pay the council-officers, they would have faced possible prosecution – with a maximum penalty of £1000.

Report them

And that’s not the end. The Staffordshire Moorlands Council is now actively urging neighbours to report any offending dog-owners they spot, and, to make it easier, the council says that reports can be made anonymously.
There is an online form, that is straightforward to fill in:  click here to see the form.

The actual law of Dog Control Orders means that it’s an offence not to clear up after a dog “in any public space open to the air”. This means that field footpaths and trackways come under the law as well.

It is a serious issue of course. The bacteria in a dog’s faeces are actually fairly singular, and, if passed on, can cause diseases in both children and in cattle.


Our parish council has provided special extra dog-litter bins (the red ones), though you can use any bin for disposal of course.  If you’re a dog-owner, the best thing for the future is also to carry some plastic bags around with you.


One response to “Dog owners, beware!

  1. One odd thing you mat not know is that there have been reports locally of dog-owners collecting the poop in a plastic bag, tying it up securely – and then, strangely, attaching it to the branch of an overhanging tree!

    I can’t think why anyone would do this, but anyway, the council told me that that is also an offence. You ahve to dispose of the poop , even if it’s already in a plastic bag, properly



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