News of… a special bird, the Izaak, the summer fayre

News-in-brief of Draycott In The Moors in May 2012
News of a special bird, the summer fayre, an environmental report, and Huntley Wood’s progress – and more.
There are also dozens of events in the area in May. Check out the Events page!

Migration passes through

We’re told that a photographer working for BBC Wildlife was in Draycott recently to get photos of the flocks of the ‘wheatear’ bird as they passed through on their migration north to the Arctic.
Apparently the flocks settled on some fields here for a brief respite.

The wheatear is a very special little bird – barely the size of a tennis ball, it still travels nearly 20,000 miles in its yearly journey across the globe. It’s the smallest bird to achieve the huge distances that it covers.
The BBC is especially interested in it after it commissioned a documentary programme about it, which aired a couple of months ago.

Izaak Walton Pub… again

The saga of the Izaak Walton pub in Cresswell goes on.
After the couple who were running it suddenly left a fortnight ago, the owners did at least quickly put in an emergency manager (who was whizzed over from Leicester at a few hours notice).
It now seems a caretaker manager has been appointed, who is restoring the restaurant side of the business (with a new menu) – as the restaurant section had had to be suspended over the last two weeks.

However, a big ‘To Let’ sign still stands outside the pub, so if you want to run a pub, here’s your chance. The pub is being handled by the James A Baker Property Agents.

In the meantime, the silver lining is that the Izaak now desperately needs kitchen and bar staff. Apply now on (01782) 392265!

VVSM celebrates

Congratulations to VVSM, the local campaigning group which raised nearly ten thousand pounds in order to be able to order an independent report into the problems of Cresswell’s flooding. The report they ordered is now complete and published.

The news is so good that VVSM is having an open meeting – to which anyone and everyone is invited – on May 23rd at the Community (Church) Hall in Church Lane to discuss the report, among other items. 

If you can get along, the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

Recreation Centre delay

Still no news of when the Huntley Wood Recreation Centre is likely to open, though it had been hoped that the first users would be through the doors this month.

In fact, the site only got mains electricity connected last month, so things are taking a little bit longer than expected.

Fun in July

The date of this year’s big village fair has been announced.
The St Margaret’s Fayre will take place on Ford’s Field (as usual) on the second weekend of July. However, this year will be something special – as it will take place not just on the Saturday, but on the Sunday as well, i.e. the 14th & 15th of July.
In the old days, the Draycott Wakes was timed to coincide with St Margaret’s Day – which is in July.

On Sunday the 15th, to mark a little event going on in London, the intention is to stage a… Draycott Olympics!  More details from Pauline Clarke.


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