May 28 is our democracy day

It’s the big day that everyone can get together in the district to discuss how matters are going locally.
Yes, all over the country, in each different district, it’s the time for the so-called Annual Parish Assembly, the formal day when electors from an area are invited to come together and talk.

The Parish Assembly in Draycott In The Moors has been set for Monday May 28th, at 7.30pm.  It takes place at the Community Church Hall in Church Lane.


The meeting is chaired by the parish council, but electors can raise any matter they think the council should have addressed over the last year, or have the council look into.

It is also the main annual opportunity to find out what the Council has been up to, and what it is planning to do; and in a less formal format than the normal council meetings.


Already on the Draycott In The Moors agenda are: discussion of the results of the recent Parish Plan Survey; a look back at the main issues of the year including the Cresswell floodplain survey; and the question of how best to use the Draycott Moor College playing field, whose use is now allowed to local children.

If you want to be sure of getting something on the agenda, contact the parish clerk.


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