Cresswell gets a tidy-up

It seems some people were pretty busy over the Jubilee holiday!
A quick look will show you that the Cresswell lay-by has just been tidied up, and the phone-box there spruced up.
It turns out that Jacquie Leach and Carol Toft (who live nearby) were responding to the Parish Council’s recent call to residents to try to keep the area neat.

The happy band – with spades and brush…

They went down with a spades, hoes and a brush – and help wasn’t too long in coming. As she told us: “We decided to do something for the Jubilee and as we were working we had great interest and support from people. The Jones family brought us tea and biscuits and Mrs Goodwin and Chris Burgess let us use some of their brown bin space. We had a lovely time!”

And now a badly overgrown area looks rather smart – as you can see.

Cresswell lay-by – now all tidied up

Telephone box

There is some method to their madness though.
Both Jacquie and Carol want to take advantage of the fact that the telephone box is now disused; and want to turn the kiosk into a ‘Cresswell Information Centre’.

Sounds crazy? Well, lots of other villages have done something similar under BT’s ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme.

Jacquie says it could display and promote “…all the good aspects of the area. For example – local businesses, walks and wildlife”.

She’s hoping other people will agree. If you do, or have thoughts, email her. You can also leave a comment in the comments box, which is a little further down this page.

Jacquie is well known for her involvement in VVSM (Villagers Voice), which has developed into a type of residents’ association for Draycott, Cresswell & Totmonslow. If you want to be involved, or suggest ideas, VVSM want to hear from you. Email VVSM

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