News of … local Olympics, birthday, old rail line

News-in-brief of Draycott In The Moors in early June 2012.
Updates on the old railway line, a happy birthday, the Draycott Olympics – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

Old railway line – some news soon?

The puzzle about what exactly the future of the old railway line (the one that goes Cheadle-Teanford-Totmonslow-under Uttoxeter Road Bridge –Cresswell) might be might a little clearer by now.
As you know the Moorlands & City Railway company (which has links to the Churnet Valley tourist railway) has now cleared the line, and it’s almost a green lane now.
But MCR have not said what they wish to do with it now…

However, our county councillor, Mike Maryon (who is also head of Staffordshire’s Highway Committee) was due to meet up with MCR’s Dave Kemp about all sorts of matters anyway, and has said he’d ask for some specifics about the Cheadle-Cresswell line.
I wonder what MCR’s answer was?  No doubt we’ll find out soon.

– – – – –

A pat on the back goes out to the 2nd Forsbrook Guides troop which has done a neat job of creating a small flower bed in the Community Church Hall garden. It really looks nice.
Anyone who fancies hiring the hall and its garden – for a barbecue, or just a small gathering – should contact Mary Edwards.

Draycott Community Church Hall garden

Draycott Community Church Hall garden – with flower-bed!

And, congratulations are also due to Rose Hammond.
Mrs Hammond is something of a legend in Cresswell, and her 70th birthday (yes – 70! – who’d believe it) is being celebrated with a party at the cricket club pavilion this Saturday.  Happy birthday!

– – – – –
A summer of sport

Just in time for Wimbledon, the Draycott Sports Centre has a shiny new sign…

draycott sports centre sign

A new logo and sign for Draycott Sports Centre

Incidentally, if you are considering joining the Centre, which has all sorts of racquet sports – plus a gym – it’s worth remembering that you can sign a guest in.
For example: if you get a tennis membership, you can always invite a mate over to play, even if your friend is a non-member. It costs a couple of quid each time for a guest to play.

Talking of sport…
Some more details have been emerging about the ‘Draycott Olympics’.
Yes, the second day (July 15) of the annual St Margaret’s Fayre will feature a day of traditional sports.

Selwyn Edwards and John Clarke, who are organising the day, say they are considering ‘blind wheelbarrow races’, a tug-o-war, and even the great old favourite, the egg-and-spoon race.
If you can contribute with equipment, ideas, or as a volunteer on the day, please contact John.

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