Totmonslow road-works pain

The ‘big hold-up’ on the main Draycott Road, between Totmonslow and Upper Tean, may be coming to an end shortly (we hope).
However, not before one last extra piece of pain.

The road will close completely for twelve hours a day, between the night-time hours of 7.30pm and 7.30am for… three weeks!  The closure will be enforced between Monday June 18 and Friday July 8.
This follows more than four months of one-way traffic lights at points along the stretch.
Breach Lane (the one up to Teanford) will be used as a diversion, we suppose – but we’ll find out more on that nearer the time.

The folks at Breach Lane are fairly sick of their road, which is narrow enough as it is, being used as a rat-run, but there’s simply no alternative.

Road works at Totmonslow on Draycott Road

Road works at Totmonslow on Draycott Road

The whole works will cost around £800,000, and means that the old, cracking road surface along the stretch from Totmonslow to Upper Tean is being properly replaced.
The authorities tell us that it should then be good for the next twenty years.

The sign says the works should be over by the end of July.
Cross fingers…

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