Broadband problems!

Have you filled in the form about your broadband supply yet? Staffs County Council want your thoughts – and they need them by July 1st.

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Broadband in DITMoors – not good!

The district of Draycott in the Moors is classified as “semi-rural”, so there are some advantages – like low rates of building development – but the downside is the slow speed of land-line broadband.


broadband (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Pretty much most people I know across Draycott, Cresswell and Totmonslow (not to mention Bromley Wood!) complain of the slow land-line broadband.
Some neighbours of mine have got so fed-up that they’ve moved to using the air-waves instead (through the Blythe Vale communication cellphone mast), and bought themselves a wireless contract. It’s more expensive – but it gets results!
We personally have stayed with BT, and have suffered.  In fact, there are some days when the connection goes down completely. (Often this seems to be associated with bad weather – or is that just my imagination?)

Distant exchange

The reasons for a poor connection locally are complex, but mostly they centre on the fact that the nearest exchange/hub is at Blythe Bridge – and the further you are from a hub, the weaker the connection is.
The weaker the connection, the worse it is when a lot of people in your road are trying to download stuff off the web all at once. The connection just clogs up.

Also, being “semi-rural” means that BT haven’t put us on their list for the infrastructure investment – which would lead to what it calls ‘superfast broadband’.   This type of investment is about upgrading the nearest hub, to enable the next generation of communications (what’s called ADSL 2+).Poor old Blythe Bridge-Draycott is just not on the list, unlike Cheadle and Uttoxeter, which already have superfast.

Français : Une photo démontrant une connexion ...If you check on the Rural Broadband Project website, and look up Draycott, you’ll see that it implies that download speeds here can be as slow as a third of a megabit (MB) per second. (At that speed, a video streamed from YouTube  just stops within seconds.).
But the definition of ‘basic broadband’ is a speed of two megabits per second!

New campaign

The latest drive to try to improve our local broadband supply comes from Stafforshire County Council.
The authority has allocated over £7m to spend to try to get broadband companies to recognise that there is a demand – even in rural areas – and that those companies should be trying to service it.
The money will also be used to unlock government funding and kick-start a broadband company into supplying faster connections by mid-2015.

The first step is for all of us to fill in a questionnaire about our own supply.
Those of you who had a copy through the door of the county council’s magazine ‘Your Staffordshire’ will notice the form, which is on page eleven of the mag.
But you can also fill in the form online – click here to see it.

By the way, you may remember that there was s similar questionnaire from the council last autumn. But this is ‘stage 2’ of the process, so they ask that you fill in this new form too, please.
If you don’t have a paper copy of the form and want one, contact 07815 173003 or email with your name and address and he will send you a paper survey to complete.

What else can you do?

Well, if you do stick to landline connections, there’s not much to do but wait and hope.

However, friends of ours do tell us that there are lots of little tricks you can do to make your computer ‘cleaner’ and thus improve your broadband connection, but they never explain it simply enough for our liking (!)
(To measure your Broadband Speed run the test at Check My Speed ).

Is anyone reading this able to suggest simple-to-do ways of improving the slow broadband?  If you’d use the Comments form (just a little further down this page) to suggest some, we’d be grateful!

Or… if you have other comments to make on this article to the subject in general, it would be great to hear those too…

One response to “Broadband problems!

  1. Broadband in Cresswell

    For anyone in Cresswell who has been experiencing difficulty getting their broadband up and running. I have just had eight weeks with intermittant reception. now FINALLY British Telecom have fixed it (I hope)
    they have been working on the BT junction box situated opposite the layby and it seems to have done the trick.
    Shelagh Wood


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