News: land sale, sunny roast, and tennis success

News-in-brief of Draycott In The Moors in late June 2012.
We have news of: Parish survey results, land up for auction, a sunny hog roast,  success for the Draycott tennis team – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Parish survey results

The results of the Draycott In The Moors parish survey are now in, and make interesting reading.  The survey was carried out last December, when each household would have had a copy of a questionnaire to fill in.
What happens now is that the survey is fully analysed, and will be used as one of the bases for a possible Parish Plan.
The Plan, which also lists a schedule for action, is not something that is set in stone, but it’s a good framework.

And what were the results of the parish survey? These were given a run-through at the Parish Assembly on May 28th.
There does seem to be among residents a feeling that more play-areas for young people are needed, and that a limited amount of housing for young families would be a good thing.

If you’d like to see a copy of the survey, send a stamped addressed envelope to:  Draycott Parish Clerk, 136 Draycott Old Road, Forsbrook, Stoke-on-Trent.  You’ll receive a photo-copy back.

– – – –
Cresswell land for sale

Want to buy a piece of Cresswell?  The field opposite the Sports Centre on Cresswell Lane will be sold in auction on August 1st, so, if you want it, you’ve a month and a half to save up!

There are two plots:  one of ten acres, the other of four-and-a-half acres.
They are being described as “accommodation land” – but this is not what it sounds like. In fact the definition of “accommodation land” is land that can only be used for grazing, and cannot be built upon (except for a sheephouse, stable etc).

The auction is being organised by the Leek auctioneers, Graham Watkins.

Top tennis team

Talking of the Draycott sports centre, did you know that its tennis sides are consistently among the best in this region?
The Draycott team  – managed by coach Craig Leese – is currently just behind the leaders in the main Staffordshire Tennis League. By coincidence, the Draycott women’s team are also running second – in the Ladies Staffordshire Tennis League.
With the season barely halfway through, it could be an exciting finish for both sides.

It’s definitely worth going along to the centre when fixtures are being played – you can often see some quality tennis.

Sun shines for roast

Somebody must be watching over St Mary’s Church in Cresswell Old Road, as the annual Hog Roast there (on June 24) was virtually rain-free. The sun even shone intermittently, something of a miracle itself.

Hog Roast at St Mary’s, Cresswell

About a hundred people turned up and enjoyed some excellent pork sandwiches…

BKV hopes

Good luck to neighbouring Fulford, by the way, in the Staffordshire Best Kept Village competition. The secret judging is taking place over the next six weeks.
We popped over to see friends there the other day, and the village looks very spruce, with some fantastic flower-tub arrangements.
The village’s annual fair ‘Fulfest’ takes place on July 7th, so you may want to combine a look at the flower tubs with an enjoyable day out then.

Sentinel mention

Thanks for all your reactions to the article on broadband in Draycott we did recently.

It turns out that the Sentinel’s digital correspondent, David Elks, who is a local man himself, saw the piece and mentioned it in his weekly column (on Tuesdays).
Nice of him to mention it…   Cheers!

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