News of: big concert, speedwatch, phone box plans

News-in-brief of Draycott In The Moors in early July 2012.
We have news of: a big (free) concert, Community Speedwatch plans, plant discounts, reactions to Wetherspoons and progress for the phone kiosk – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)
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The concert of the year!

Are you all ready for Draycott In The Moors big concert, which takes place this Saturday (July 7th)?
The Cricket Club – in Cresswell Lane, near the Izaak Walton Pub – has managed to get hold of Murphy’s Marbles, one of the leading bands doing fun Irish music, and are putting them on on a big outdoor stage.
The ‘Marbles’ are a cross between The Dubliners and The Pogues, and really do do a exciting, enthusiastic, dance-style gig.

The bonus is: the whole event is free!!
The club hope however you might spend a little cash in the bar on food and drink…

Murphy’s Marbles

Alison Grimley, chairman of Blythe Cricket Club, told us:  “We would love to see as many local people here as possible.  Hopefully the weather will be great – but, if not, the event will be under cover, so not even the Great British Weather can dampen our enthusiasm.”
That’s the spirit!

Watch your speed

The Community Speedwatch group of local residents is still maintaining its work on the residential part of Sandon Road, and is now set to expand by setting up second vigil further up the road, by the Hunter pub (on the fork to Saverley Green).
They told us: “This is an extremely dangerous junction and we have logged quite a few cars breaking the speed limit.”

Jacquie & Roger, who organise the sessions, say they are also willing to help anyone on the main Uttoxeter Road through Draycott to set up another speed-watch there, but so far no residents on the stretch have come forward.
The duties are not heavy: one can volunteer to do as little as an hour a fortnight, and there is a day’s training from the police too.
Just call Draycott Community Speedwatch on 01782 388077 if you want to discuss it.

Kids can act up all they want

The rain has been relentless, hasn’t it, and you may be worried about how to entertain the kids this summer.
Well, if they enjoy acting, The Venue performing-arts centre at Tean has a weekly drama & dance day-session starting in two weeks’ time. It takes place every Monday, and is £10 for the day.
See Fusion Performance news for details.

Gardening gloves… on

The rain has however been good for some gardens. Neil & Carolyn at Draycott Plant Nurseries want to encourage you to think like this (!), and local people should be getting, or have already got, a voucher through the door offering a discount at the nursery.
It’s Carolyn and Neil’s first summer in the business, and they are keen to make friends…

Telephone kiosk plans progress

You may be wondering whether VVSM – the informal residents group for Draycott/Cresswell/Totmonslow – followed up their idea to create a new use for the old telephone box in Cresswell.  Well, yes, they did!
VVSM told us: “We have submitted an application to the Community Fund for £1,000 to work on the telephone kiosk. We have asked the Parish Council if they will adopt it officially – and they are coming back to us.
In fact, a group has already been started up to look after the kiosk and the lay-by in which it stands. We have already had an offer from a resident on Sandon Road, who would like to join us and the VVSM committee would like to thank him.”
The kiosk may be used as a local ‘information point’ if it can be adopted.

As a way of raising funds for the group, VVSM also now have a stall at Cresswell car-boot sale – and are asking for donations of goods to sell.
We’re told that some donations have already come in (thanks to – John Beardmore, Laura & Andy Bird and Shelagh Wood!) but more is needed.
VVSM ask you to bring goods to 49 Sandon Road in Cresswell, or just ring Roger, who may be able to pick up, on 01782 388077.

Old pub preserved

We’ve had some good reports of the new Wetherspoons pub which has just opened in Cheadle. Wetherspoons has a reputation for taking old buildings and refurbishing them sensitively – and it looks like they’ve done something similar with The Wheatsheaf, which is an eighteenth century former coaching inn.
The pub does intend to open from 8am, all day every day, so it’s going mean quite a culture change in Cheadle.
See what Jacquie said about The Wheatsheaf – and add your own comments if you like…

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2 responses to “News of: big concert, speedwatch, phone box plans

  1. Eighteen months ago I was staying in my mothers house on Draycott level and could not believe the speed traffic was going down that road .At the time I was selling the house and one of the ‘viewers’ of the house was a gravel lorry driver.He and wife laughed as the empty lorries rattled past the house and he admitted that he did in excess of 70mph up the level in his.They are told to keep it below 60!I talked to an ‘accident investigation ‘cop outside the house about the speed,and he said that he broke the speed limit on that road when he went past every night to go home!I tried to contact the police several times on their web site to ask about speed prevention and never had a reply.Through my motorsport connections I got hold of a radar gun.The first time I played with it,I saw three cars racing side by side down the level heading towards Blythe at 11pm,the gun tripped at 107mph.
    This was reported to the police,no answer.I am not a killjoy,I enjoyed driving fast when I was younger,but NOT through a village.
    Good luck with your speedwatch,but I think people don’t care anymore because they know police don’t care.,
    I now live in Canada.


  2. Wetherspoons or nowt

    Every pint of cheap beer in the Wetherspoons pub is a nail in the coffin of other local pubs. Once they close you will not have a choice and its Wetherspoons or nowt.

    Robert Brown


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