Rains cause flooding

It’s quite easy to believe that this year we’ve had some of the wettest summer weeks on record.

It’s been a very worrying time for the organisers of the St Margaret’s Fair, which is due to take place in the centre of the village across all this weekend (July 14 & 15).
Because the fields are just sodden, the fair has had to be reduced to just the Satuday night disco and the Sunday activities. The whole of Saturday’s daytime activities have been cancelled.

Flood Friday

There were reports of flooding (temporary for the most part thank goodness) all across the Draycott in the Moors area last Friday (6th July).
‘Flood Friday’ the local newspaper, The Blythe & Forsbrook Times, called it!

At Brookside (the group of homes just up from the Draycott Arms), even the footbridge over the ford was covered in water.

Of course, as the report commissioned by VVSM had discovered, the land around the River Blithe in Cresswell is indeed a flood plain – so it was not surprising that the river surged up during Friday’s torrential downpour.

Flood over Blithe River footbridge (photo: JL)

As you can see in the photo above, this footbridge over the river, behind Blythe Business Park, was simply overcome. Thanks to Jacquie for the photo.

Flood at Blythe Business Park (photo: JL)

And in this photo, you can see the effect on the Business Park itself. Some staff tried their best to shore up the river banks, but the rain was incessant.
You may remember that, here, in 1987,  stock was washed away during the floods;  although, thankfully, this incident wasn’t as bad.

The weird thing is that it is St Swithin’s Day on Sunday (15th July). The legend is that if it rains on that day, it will then rain for a further forty days. But the good news is that the sun is set to shine on Sunday. The BBC Weather forecast says so!

The tennis courts at Draycott Sports Centre have been rained off many times…

Do you also have a photo or short video of a local scene showing the effect of the rain? If so, we love to see it:  please email it to us.

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