Draycott Fayre 2012 – report and photos

Well!  What a good day it was!
The St Margaret’s Church Fayre & Vintage Rally in Draycott-in-the-Moors on Sunday July 15th 2012 will be remembered for a long time.

After some very real concerns that the whole event might be washed out, in the end the fields remained dry underfoot and the rain stayed away and, without being T-shirt weather, it was still warm. The sun even came out at intervals.
Thank goodness.

Raising funds

St Margaret’s Fair is a genuine community event. (We know this partly because the man taking the entrance fee from us turned out to be Tony Fletcher, the chairman of the parish council…!)

Girls Tug of War

John Beardmore referees the girls’ tug of war – or … makes the attempt to, as best he can! (Photo: JC)

What’s more, over two-thirds of the stalls were run by local people, all of whom were anxious to raise money to help the village’s historic church with its huge running costs – which is what the day was mainly about.

For example, painter Stuart Tunnicliff (who lives at the Totmonslow end of Draycott) was not only selling his water-colours on the day to raise money for St Margaret’s, but is always willing to take a commission to paint any scene for a customer – just to raise more funds.

A special mention must also go to the staff of Draycott Moor College, who volunteered to run the burger stall. More than once, the huge queue nearly overwhelmed them, but they were so efficient that they managed to get their hungry customers what they wanted fairly quickly.
They raised hundreds of pounds.

An album of lots of photos of the day can be found by clicking here; and if you too have photos that you took on the day, we’d love to see them, and to then put them up too.  Just email us and tell us if you have any photos you can share.

Queen of Draycott

At every interval of the day, there was something to catch the attention – from the dog show to the vintage machinery, from the tug of war to the stalls, and from the magic show to the children’s carousel rides.
Jessica’s Junkyard had to be seen to be believed… while the refreshments stall (run by the Wibberley family) and book stall (Mary Edwards and Brenda Fulford) raised huge amounts of money.

But surely, the main moment was the crowning of the Queen of Draycott.
In honour of the Jubilee year, it was decided that The Draycott Queen should not be chosen from the young girls of the parish, but selected from the more grown up of our local beauties. So – congratulations to ‘Queen’ Lesley Cooper… though no-one seems quite sure what her rights and duties are… Hmm.

Lesley, Queen of Draycott (second from right), is seen here with the three other beauties to have made the royal shortlist (Photo: JC)

However, some of us made sure Queen Lesley’s health was properly drunk to, and we met at the Pop Fishers Bar-Tent to celebrate properly – with some local Titanic beer.

Selwyn’s swansong

The day was also special for Selwyn Edwards. Selwyn is not only the treasurer for St Margaret’s Church, but has also been involved with the fayre ever since its tiny beginnings nineteen years ago.

He has decided to bow out at the top, by telling us all that this year is his final year as chief organiser – so it was especially good that the day went off so well.

Of course, we don’t envy him the tribulations he must have had in the weeks before the day, when this terrible summer of ours threatened to wreck everything (and did in fact force the cancellation of the planned Saturday half of the fayre).
And, don’t forget, he and all his team are volunteers, so it was even more tough.

Rain really could have ruined everything, as the main attractions – some hundred or so vintage cars, motorbikes, military vehicles and puffing mechanical engines – were, of course, open to the elements.

However, the few days of warm, almost-dry weather just before had done the trick – so John Beardmore, Billy Fenton and team, as well as the Highfields Farm owner Paul Ford, were able to mow it just in time and make it passable.

So – congratulations to all the organisers – especially site managers John Clarke, Tom Sales (who ran the tractors, vintage cars and commercial vehicles sections) and Daniel Newton, and a very special nod to Selwyn of course, for a great day.
All’s well that ends well!

(And if you have a comment to make about the day – do add it, in the little box at the bottom of this page)

See also the: Photos of the St Margaret’s Summer Fayre, Draycott-in-the-Moors 2012

One response to “Draycott Fayre 2012 – report and photos

  1. many thanks to the group of helpers selling raffle tickets you were great !
    david paget


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