News of: Sports Centre changes, community funds, a birthday – and more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late July 2012.

We have news of:  new faces at Draycott Sports Centre, B–son birthday, cricket success, support for historic churches, Primary School promises, improved broadband (?), more guerilla knitting, and community funds available now – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)
– – – –

Old churches need you

If you like to support the historic churches of this county, including the two in Draycott-in-the-Moors, you’ll want to know about the Ride & Stride event that takes place on Saturday 8th September.
This is when fund-raisers do sponsored cycle-rides – or walks – from one historic church to another. Half the money raised by any individual goes to their nominated church and half goes to the Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust, which does such a great job in helping preserve our ancient churches.

This is a great opportunity for someone who maybe isn’t a church-goer but who still thinks our local old churches should be looked after.
Foe details see SCHT Ride & Stride.

As for me, I don’t ride a bike, so I shall be walking from St Margaret’s (Draycott) to St Mary’s (Cresswell) to St Nicholas (Fulford) to Christ Church (Hilderstone). If you see me around, and want to sponsor me, just shout!!
– – – –

Happy birthday

Sometimes, when a friend reaches a significant birthday, you just want the world to know…

Bedson birthday sign

Happy birthday – you know who you are…

As you can see from the photo above, which was taken on the Uttoxeter Road through Draycott last week, one group of people decided to erect a large sign to ensure that at least the people of Draycott (and visitors) knew of one significant birthday locally!
– – – –

Make a promise…

A lot of Draycott/Cresswell children go to Forsbrook Primary, and the school is having an auction-of-promises in late September.
Already the school has had offers promised such as a voucher for a meal for four and a week in a villa, and right through to the offer by one parent to do somebody’s ironing for an hour!

If you think you can offer a promise, of a gift or a service, no matter how small, the school would like to hear from you.  Contact: Forsbrook Primary
– – – – –

Broadband … improved…?

Shelagh has written to this website saying that BT has now made some improvements to the Cresswell telephone junction-box.  She says she thinks she’s noticed better results – but wonders if other people in Sandon Road also have.
If you’d like to respond to Shelagh’s query, just click here, then hit the ‘Reply’ link by Shelagh’s name.


Incidentally, we forgot in our last posts to wish Craig Leese good luck as the new Club Manager at Draycott Sports Centre.
Craig is the tennis pro at Draycott, so he knows the centre well, but it will be hard to fill the boots of the previous manager, George Havill.  George, who was quite a character, had been in post for fifteen years before resigning last month, so his presence will be missed.

Taking of sport, congratulations too to batsman Greg Prime at Blythe Cricket Club (whose ground is in Cresswell), who has now passed 500 runs for the season. He’s hotly pursued in the run stakes by the club’s overseas player, Asif Hussain, but poor Asif has not been able to play that many games this season.

By the way, Blythe do seem to have passed the danger mark this season at last. A couple of weeks ago, when they beat Betley, and so reached mid-table safety in the in NSSCL Division 1A. Excellent!
Don’t forget the team have an ‘interesting’ local derby on 25th August. See our Things To Do page.
– – – – – – –

Want some funding?

If you have ideas for a small heritage or community project around here, you may be able to pick up a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund of anything between £3000-£10,000.

The HLF’s All Our Stories programme is looking for projects that range “…from researching local historic landmarks, learning more about customs and traditions, to delving into archives, and finding out the origins of street and place names.  This new programme will give everyone the chance to explore their heritage and share what they learn with others.”
Applications open online on 31st July 2012.
Good luck – and if you do apply, would you let us know what happens?
–  – – – – – –

More knitting ‘attacks’

Caroline has contacted us to say that she’s seen yet another instance of a guerrilla knitting ‘attack’ in Draycott, this time on the road-sign on the Uttoxeter Road just before you get to Totmonslow.

Guerilla knitting in Draycott in The Moors

No one has yet ‘claimed responsibility’ for the guerilla knitting outbreaks in Draycott…

We mentioned in our previous article on guerrilla knitting that there were five examples in Draycott. Well, this latest one makes it six! All very mysterious.

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