Johnson Matthey exhibition / Tesco coming?

Do you remember Blythe Colour Works, the big factory in Cresswell?
Well, some people think that the company that owned the works, Johnson Matthey, simply upped and left this district when the works closed, leaving behind just the shell of the factory (which is now the site of Blythe Business Park of course).
Johnson Matthey did after all, sell off quite a bit of their nearby land, including the cricket ground – which is now owned outright by the cricket club – though, yes, they still own a deal of land in Cresswell.

But, in fact, Johnson Matthey didn’t leave completely – and still employ around 100 people in buildings on Blythe Business Park as part of their ‘precious metals’ division.
And they are doing very nicely thank you – the first three months of the 2012 financial year saw the company – which has interests all over the world – bring in a profit of £100million.  Which isn’t bad in these troubled times.


But what is just as interesting (we think!) is that Johnson Matthey is one of just forty UK companies being featured in a new exhibition at London’s Science Museum.
If you visit the exhibition (which runs until September 9th, 2012) you’ll be able to see hands-on demonstrations of how the company makes chemicals which function in industry – including ones that help reduce car-emissions.

– – – –

Tesco coming?

Talking of business, many of us use the Co-op store in Blythe Bridge as our nearest food-store.

So, it came as a bit of a surprise to learn that Tesco would like to move into Blythe Bridge. They are considering taking over the Duke Of Wellington Pub in the town-centre and turning it into a ‘Tesco Extra’ store.
Although nothing official has been announced, Fulford Parish councillors have already been expressing a little disquiet at the prospect.

If you’d like to know more, Tesco are inviting you to contact them. In the meantime, the Duke Of Wellington stays open, but who knows for how long?


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