Izaak Walton menu, kids’ sports-sessions – and ragwort

Some news-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early August 2012
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

Menu settles in at Izaak Walton

We’re happy to report that Neil & Trisha and their daughter Sky are settling in nicely at the Izaak Walton Inn in Cresswell since moving in last month, but they are still working all the hours that God sends – so, if they look a little tired, be kind to them… the pub is open all day every day from 12noon.

A photo of lasagne

Who doesn’t love lasagne?

Chef Trisha’s menu is now settled too – with the Lasagne (pic right) and the Hunter’s Chicken being the most popular of all.  We enjoyed the Hand Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (£7.75), but then you can’t go much wrong (we think) with something concocted in beer…

Apparently, lunchtimes are taking off too, with folks lapping up the baguette variations (approx £5), and the Isaac* Burger – though you can splash out too, if you have spare cash, with the Sirloin dish (£13.95).
There are specials every day. If you want to know what the specials will be, phone 01782 392265 (no email at the pub yet).
(*yes we know this is not the correct spelling of Isaac/Izaak – but that is the exact name of the dish, so we don’t argue…)

Happy birthday Billy

Incidentally, Neil told us that his happiest day at the Izaak so far was on Saturday last when ‘Billy Bass’ (– yes, not this local character’s real name! –) celebrated his seventieth birthday at the pub with fifty of his best friends.
Trisha made a huge buffet to feed them all; and Neil let her sleep in the next day as her reward…
Is it just a coincidence that Bass is still the most popular hand-pulled beer at the pub? We wonder.

– – – – –

Summer sports for the kids at Draycott Sports Centre

Yes, it’s that terrible time of year again.   However, don’t forget that Draycott Sports Centre do have sports day-sessions during August, which are a brilliant way to let the kids (six years old and above) have fun, and get out of the house.

Check out the Draycott Sports centre offer.

– – – – –

Ragwort rears its ugly head

The latest news from Huntley Wood – the outdoor-recreation centre (on the road between Draycott and Cheadle) that hopes to open in the autumn – is that, after the delays caused by all the deluge of rain, things are back on track.

The rain has caused a huge amount of plant growth, so Jonathan and Emma have been leading ‘weeding parties’ to rid the site of all the extra greenery.

Ragwort flowers, Wellington, New Zealand Franç...

Ragwort (pic: Wikipedia)

One of the plants they have to deal with is the horrendous ragwort, which, as most of us know, is a nightmare, as it is toxic to most grazing animals. It is also virtually impossible to be rid of completely, so we don’t envy them the task.

However, it’s not just ragwort there; they do have some friendly and attractive plants!  See Emma’s rundown of the flowering plants at Huntley Wood.

And, if you’d like to help out with activities at Huntley Wood, such as weeding parties, they do have a volunteer programme.


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