Broadband upgrade for Totmonslow

Good news for broadband users in Totmonslow is that Talk Talk has installed their own MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node) in the Tean telephone exchange.

Yes, we have no idea what a MSAN is either – but the nice person at TalkTalk explained to us that it’s a bit of equipment that they have slotted into the Tean exchange, which means they no longer have to rely on the BT systems there.
In other words, they have upgraded the function there, and thus can provide the next generation of connections to their customers.

East end of Uttoxeter Rd only

This is great for Totmonslow folk and for those in the houses in Cheadle Road, which are all covered by the Tean exchange.
However, the rest of us in Draycott-in-the-Moors are covered by the Blythe Bridge exchange – and TalkTalk don’t yet have plans for the Blythe Bridge exchnage.

TalkTalk has spent £50,000 on this conversion, and – as you may have read in the paper – has expressed its commitment to the area with a grant to the Great Wood Hall Community Centre in Tean. Nice gesture, we say.

Competition hots up

In many ways, this move will see BT and TalkTalk go head-to-head in competition to be the main internet service provider in this district.

Who will win out?  Please let us know (using the comments box below) what your experience of one – or both – is…

PS – if you’d like to know if your house is covered by the Tean exchange or by the Blythe Bridge exchange, just click here, and follow the instructions


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