St Margaret’s Church painting mystery

Mick Bettaney (who was brought up on Draycott Level, but now lives in Canada) sent us this photo of a wonderful water-colour of St Margaret’s Church in Draycott.
Mick is sure that it was painted by his own grandfather, Fred Blackburn.

Water-colour of St Margaret's Church.

Water-colour of St Margaret’s Church. Where is it now?

Mick reckons it was probably painted before World War Two, when his grandfather was living in Blythe Bridge.

However, Mick only has a photo-copy of the painting, and he is wondering where the original painting is now – is it in the possession of someone still living locally?
Mick’s mother, Maisie Bettaney, lived here until her death in 2009. Did she give or loan the painting to someone roundabouts?
Fred also painted stage backdrops for the Methodist Church in Blythe where he was a big church goer – did he give it to a friend in the church?

Quite a mystery. Let’s hope we can help Mick solve it.


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