Cresswell mini folk-festival

Well! Blythe Cricket Club (whose ground is in Cresswell Lane, just up from the Izaak Walton pub) seem to like their music festivals so much that… they’re having another one, on next Saturday (18th August).

After an Irish-music extravaganza last month, this month the event is going to be a mini folk-festival.
There will be four bands and overnight camping (if required) – and it’s FREE!


It’s a pretty varied line-up, from traditional folk to modern idiom.

Sons of Clogger

Sons of Clogger

Sons of Clogger are the traditional end of the spectrum, and respect the long history of British folk music. However, the duo’s songs are mostly all originals.

Rick Ford on the other hand is from the ‘Americana’ country-blues field. However, he’s a Staffordshire lad, so it won’t be too strange for local ears…

Meanwhile Esther Brennan (appearing tonight with Ian) is more of a modern singer-songwriter, who has shared stages with rock bands.

And…there is a mystery fourth band.  Ange (the organiser) won’t tell us who it is, so you have to go along on the night if you wish to find out.

Everything kicks off at 9pm; and if you want to camp, tents should be erected on the bottom field. Campers will get breakfast the next day…
The bar will be open during the event of course; and food will be available.

For more info, contact Blythe Cricket Club


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