Huntley Wood bench theft

The terrible, constant rain of the past months has made the preparation work for the new outdoor-recreation centre at Huntley Wood (on the road to Cheadle) really tough for the young owners, Emma and Jonathan.
The opening, which was previously set for the Spring, has had to be delayed considerably.

So it didn’t help when they realised that someone had stolen one of the ‘sustainable’, home-made benches that decorates the clearing that they’ve made on the site.

Small wooden bench

The missing bench. It may look simply made, but it was a labour of love

As Emma says on her web-blog, it’s not that the bench is expensive, but it’s that they have been working so hard up there; and to find that something they’d created themselves has been taken is…well…disappointing.

If you see it, Emma is asking that you report the sighting to them. However, we suspect it’s probably firewood by now.


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