News: footpaths, better bus service, raffle winners & more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in September 2012.

We have news of:   footpath problem; Kevin’s national treasure; St Margaret’s Summer Fayre raffle winners; better bus service; Grace Edge – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Direct bus to Hanley (or Uttoxeter)

Great news for those without a car is that Wardle’s Buses are now putting on a service that runs through Draycott directly to Hanley (and to Uttoxeter in the other direction). This is the first time in many years that there has been such a direct service. In fact, the last time might be when the rail-station at Cresswell closed down!
While the service, the X50, has been around for some time, it has just had its route altered to take in Draycott and Tean.

The first bus in the morning from Draycott – at 7.30am – gets you into Hanley for 8.10am, which is pretty good we think. However, sadly, the last bus back from Hanley to Draycott is 5.15pm, which might be a little too early for most workers. Still, students will find that bus useful.

Incidentally, don’t get as confused as we did by looking at the wrong ( website. This is an old, rogue website.
Use the new, official one – The two look similar, but are quite different in fact.

– – – –
Footpath confirmed

The County Council’s officers responsible for footpaths have stepped into the Huntley Wood issue.

As we’ve already reported, people entering Huntley Wood (which runs along the northern border of the Draycott in The Moors district) have been trespassing off the official footpath, and it was feared they could hurt themselves in the old quarry-workings, or even in the excavations caused by the construction work going on up there (to build a new outdoor recreation centre).

Huntley Wood path

Huntley Wood path showing a new way-post and marker – and some of the new saplings that have been planted

Now the path, which runs through the wood from Huntley Lane to Harplow Lane, has plenty of nice, bright, shiny, yellow official way-markers along it, put there by the County Council officers.
Sadly, at one big fork in the path, one can see that someone has already tried to rip down the way-marker. This is not only illegal of course, but foolish, as a new walker could choose the wrong fork – and go straight into the dangerous old quarry workings.

– – – –
Lucky folk

The winners of the raffle that took place at the Draycott Summer Fayre have been announced.

The top prize of Alton Towers tickets went to Phyllis Sales. Well done, Phyllis!

Other winners included:  S Anderson, Jenny Passey, R Johnstone, Sue Robinson, Joan Johnson, Kirstie Milnes, Gordon Winfield, Madeleine James, G Fletcher, Redman, Jones John Beardmore.

Among the local businesses sponsoring the raffle were: Stottard’s, Queen’s Arms, Freehay; Shoetime, Blythe Bridge;  Mount Nurseries, Spot Gate; Draycott Plant Nurseries;  Toby Carvery, Endon.

– – – –
He’s a treasure…

A Draycott man has had an honourable mention in a ’50 Greatest’ list carried out by Independent Television (ITV).
In 2003, Kevin Blackburn was one of four men to be out metal-detecting near Uttoxeter when they came across the object now known as the ‘Staffordshire Moorlands Pan’, which dates to around 200AD. The pan is in fact a Roman bowl.

Kevin’s discovery has now been listed by ITV as one of the Fifty Greatest National Treasures discovered in the past 15 years.
To read more about Kevin’s discovery, click here

– – – –
Goodbye to Grace

Many of us may remember Grace Edge, who lived with her husband Bill in Cresswell for most of her life.  She was well-known as she worked in the canteen at Blythe Colours for many years.  She died last month aged 91, and her funeral was attended by many many fond friends.
She has now been buried in St Margaret’s Church graveyard.  May she rest in peace.

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2 responses to “News: footpaths, better bus service, raffle winners & more

  1. Is there any news on the ghost hunters in the Isaac Walton? Did they survive?


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