News: Arms reopens, more mystery knitting (and crafts) & more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-September 2012.

We have news of:   a pub re-opening; more mystery knitting; crafts sales opportunities; cycling craze; election coming up – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Draycott Arms back to former glory

Only a few months ago, the future for local pub-lovers looked very bleak, especially with the demolition of The Bird In Hand.  The Plough (now The Mango Tree Restaurant) went quite a few years ago of course.
But now, following on from the re-opening of the Izaak Walton, comes more good news – the Draycott Arms (on the corner of Uttoxeter Road and Cheadle Road) is also re-opening, and under local management too!

Draycott Arms. The Draycott Arms is on the cor...

Draycott Arms is re-opening soon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Ford – whom you may know as one of our parish councillors – is intending to open it as a real local, with locally grown produce for the food and a wide selection of ales, including local ones (which it can do, as it will be a free house).
Behind the bar (and in the cellar!) will be the rest of John’s family – Deryn, James & Emma, Glynn & Elle – so this really is a family affair.

Work has already started on refurbishment, and the hope is to have a grand opening in early December… just in time for Christmas.

– – – –
Mystery knitter strikes again!

As anyone who has read this website before will know, we’ve been mystified by the regular appearances of bits of knitting tied to various lampposts and road-sign posts around the district. About once a month or so, yet another piece of knitting appears – and no one is owning up to being the perpetrator!
It’s all very mysterious.

And, sure enough, another one popped up, just two weeks ago. It can be found on the highways post just up the bank from the Izaak Walton (see pic below). It’s very colourful!

Cresswell knitting

Very odd… another piece of knitting just appeared. Who is behind it all?

This new one takes the count to six pieces across Draycott, we calculate…

– – – –
Crafts sales

Talking of knitting, and similar matters, Pauline Clarke is organising another crafts fair, to take place at the Church & Community Hall on October 13th. If you have something in the crafts line that you’d like to sell at the event, tables are just £10 apiece.  Contact Pauline for details.

The fair is just one of a number of events this autumn raising money for St Margaret’s Church. We’ll keep listing them on the site’s Things To Do page.
Another event worth attending is the visit of the Wetley Rocks Male Voice Choir on September 22nd.

– – – –
Cycling craze

You may have spotted (we have…) the enormous numbers of bands of cyclists using the lanes around Cresswell and Draycott. You can’t miss them in their bright cycling gear and helmets.

Of course, after the success for British cycling in the Olympics it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but still, it’d be interesting to know why this area exactly is so favoured. Is it the good mixture of hills and long roads perhaps? We’ve even seen proper time trials taking place along Uttoxeter Road.

It’s a shame therefore that the upcoming Staffordshire stage of the Tour Of Britain race won’t include Draycott this year as it has done in previous years. The follow-up event, the Tour Ride, does pass through Blythe Bridge though.

– – – –
Police Commissioner election soon

The next round of elections for all of us takes place in November when we’ll be asked to vote for who should be Staffordshire’s first-ever Police Commissioner.

If you do want to vote in that election, you do need to have filled in this year’s electoral roll registration (a leaflet should have come through everyone’s doors in the last couple of months).

We thought we had until October 15th to fill it in, but a new statement from the district council is urging folk to have it in by October 7th.  Hmm.
If you aren’t sure what happened to your form, you can apply for another one by phoning the local electoral registration office on (01538) 395500.

Now, where’s my pen?

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