News: Huntley date / youth club support / land auction / election

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid-October 2012.

We have news of:  new landlord at the Izaak, a land auction, police-commissioner election, new ice rink, car-parts thefts, fundraisers, good news for Huntley, youth club support– and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – – –
Support the youth

The Mish-Mash Youth Club which takes place weekly at the Church & Community Hall is into yet another year – and long may it continue!
However, like all good things, it doesn’t come cheap, and the £1 admission doesn’t cover all the costs by any means.

So, St Margaret’s Church, which manages the project, needs everyone who did agree to put some funds into the running of the project to step forward.
It’s particularly important to have firm confirmations of support (or, even better, the cash itself) by the end of this month.

Contact Chrissi (the youth worker) to let her know what’s what, or, if you have just found out about the project and want to help too.

– – – –
Watch your driveways

The Neighbourhood Watch people have issued a warning for people in Draycott,  Tean and Ipstones about catalytic converters.
These units, attached to a car’s underside, are quite valuable (possibly around £800 on the black market), and it seems that they are attracting the attention of thieves – who use the cover of night to cut them from the cars and steal them.

You might be wondering if a thief could really be that quick to crawl under a car and detach the unit! Well, yes is the answer, but. of course, higher ground clearance vehicles like Range Rovers are most at risk.

Ken Rickard, the police’s neighbourhood watch liaison person, is happy for you to contact him if you have any comments about this kind of theft or neighbourhood watch queries.  Email Ken Rickard
Of course, to give information on suspicious/criminal activity, you should however still contact the police themselves –  call 101 or, to remain anonymous, ring Crimestoppers on  0800 555 111.

– – – –

It’s nice to see that the Cresswell family of Steve Swinson (who died in an industrial accident in May 2011), are keeping his memory alive with a series of fund-raising events in his name. The events raise money for the Staffordshire Air Ambulance, Steve’s favourite charity.
Just last month, friends and members of the family did an 18-mile charity walk for the cause.

The next event on their calendar is a gig by rock band ‘Disturbing The Peace’ at Blythe Bridge Village Hall on November 3rd.

November seems to be the month for fundraising events as there are quite a few locally. See our What’s On around Draycott page for more details.

– – – –
Huntley Wood moves up a gear!

As regular readers of this website will know, it’s been a long, hard slog for Emma and Jonathan up at the Huntley Wood Outdoor Adventure Centre along up Cheadle Road.
The terrible summer not only delayed construction work but put all their other schedules out of sync too.

However, the good news is that finally they have an opening date, and are now taking bookings for anyone who wants to use the space at that point.
Already, groups involved in anything from bush-craft to living history are expressing interest!

So, Huntley Wood now opens for business in summer 2013 – and also has a new website too, where all the details of prices and facilities can be found.

Huntley Wood mushrooms sculpture

This mushrooms sculpture, carved out of old tree-stumps, marks the northern end of the Huntley Wood walk

Of course, the public footpath through Huntley Wood, one of the nicest walks in the parish of Draycott, remains open and is well worth a stroll. The mushroom sculpture (see above) can be seen at the Harplow Lane end of the walk.

– – – –
Half-term fun

If you can’t think what to do the kids this half-term, Draycott Sports Centre is running three sports camps days for children from 7 years and up.
The cost is £15 for a day, though there are discounts f you book for more than just one day.

– – – –
‘Nesting-box field’ sale

Another grazing-field is up for auction in Cresswell, and it looks a nice patch for anyone who has a few horses, being right next to a house and road, so the horses should be safe.
The sale is being held by Graham Watkins Auctioneers on Tuesday (23rd Oct) with a guide price of £45,000.

The field lies a mile south of The Hunter pub on the road to Hilderstone, opposite The Morrilows farm, and a few of us know it as the ‘nesting-box field’. There must be at least two dozen nesting boxes up in the trees in or alongside the field!

nesting boxes
Just two of the nesting boxes in ‘Nesting Box Field’

But, how did these nesting boxes ever come to be there? Was it a special project? If you know, would you use the comment-form (at the bottom of this page) to tell us?

Talking of property sales, it may have taken a long time, but at last one of Creswell’s most well-known houses, Tudor Lodge, has been sold. Maybe the property market is on the move again – at last.

– – – –
November election

By now, most of us who are eligible to vote will have received a polling card for next month’s Staffordshire Police & Crime Commissioner election.
Nearly all of us will cast our ballots at the Church & Community Hall – on Thursday November 15th.

I must admit we were rather confused about the issues, and found the BBC Website’s guides very concise and  helpful.
So, here’s what we found!
A guide to the two candidates can be found by clicking here.
A good background to the situation in Staffordshire can be found by clicking here.
And the latest news and arguments can be found by clicking here.
The official site is – and candidate information will be on there from October 26

– – – –
Richard – new at the Izaak

There is a new face at The Izaak Walton Pub. To be honest, the comings and goings at the Izaak are making us giddy, as the new landlord must be the fifth (sixth?) this year.
However, at least the pub has been open nearly every day, so it’s better that than a closed and empty hostelry.

The new man at The Izaak is Richard Graves. He’s lived in north Staffordshire for twenty years, and some of us may remember him as the man who held the nearby Black Lake at Hilderstone a few years ago.
He’s a catering expert so food will definitely make a return soon – Richard says he’s hoping to put food on as soon as next week. He also says he’ll be open all day every day.

John and Trisha left the pub for the final time last Monday (the 15th). As you may remember, the management company with whom they worked had pulled out, so they had no choice but to leave. They send best wishes to everyone they did not have a chance to say goodbye to.

Talking of pubs, the local competition is hotting up.
Not only is The Draycott Arms re-opening within the next six weeks, but The Hunter has announced a £2-a-pint offer. The offer is available on Mondays (12-9) & Thursdays (5-9pm).

– – – –
Holidays on ice

All this new business activity seems to belie the fact that we are in a double-dip recession. (Or does it? Economics was never our best subject!).
And, yes, another business, not very far away, is about to go public.

It’s something that young people will welcome: on Wednesday (Oct 25), just in time for half-term, a skating rink is opening in Uttoxeter. Called iSkate, it will be a good enough rink not just for recreational skating, but ice-hockey play as well.
If it’s as good as its publicity, it will be worthe the short trip (and you can get there easily now from Draycott, on the X50 Bus route…)

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