Draycott in the Moors – guerrilla knitting capital?

The mystery knitter/s strikes again!!
No sooner had the new Cresswell road-sign gone up, which it did in the last few days, than the mystery knitter decorated it…

As readers to this website will know, over the past six months or so, we’ve been reporting on a secret knitter who has been attaching coloured pieces of ‘granny square’  knitting to sign-poles across our community.
The photo below shows how the newly-embellished sign (which is just past the flyover on Cresswell Lane going south) has been added to!

Cresswell name-sign & knitting

New Cresswell name-sign – plus knitting!

We think it’s a lovely piece of fun by whomever is doing it, but we also think we detect a change in the ‘method of operation’ of the perpetrator…   Although there are some half-dozen examples all over Draycott and Cresswell of these, we think that this is the first time that the mystery knitter has used ‘cooler’ colours like blues, and the first time that they have ‘done a double’.

Could it be there is a new mystery knitter, who is adding to the fun?  Or is the original one experimenting with something new?  We await the next development…

We have also approached the Yarn-Bombers of America, and Britain’s own Guerrilla-Knitters – who have surely inspired this activity – to see if Draycott is the most knitting-decorated village in the world.
With so many instances of guerrilla knitting, we can’t be far off the title, surely…

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– – – –
Cresswell name-sign

Incidentally, congratulations must go to the parish council, county councillor Mike Maryon and the residents’ group VVSM who all used their efforts to try to get this new Cresswell name-sign installed. It now means that Cresswell has a sign at both its north and south ends.
It looks rather nice, doesn’t it?

4 responses to “Draycott in the Moors – guerrilla knitting capital?

  1. It is really sad that some people want to shift the credit when Mike Maryon, the Parish Council and VVSM worked as a team to get something done for Cresswell village.
    Roger Leach


  2. Regarding the Cresswell sign now in place by the cricket club, perhaps the efforts of the parish council are being quietly ignored in certain quarters. The sign went up at the main instigation of the parish council and the Staffordshire County Council provided and erected it free.


  3. Cresswell name-sign

    Your endeavours on the Cresswell name-sign paid off, Jacquie! Congrats to everyone for all your hard work. Maureen Myers


  4. Thanks Mark.. lovely picture of the less random knitting.. maybe the wells and even cress in/on them?  Fr David H


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