News: problem power lines / Spinney sale / new Old Lane – & more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late-November 2012.

We have news of:  problem power lines, Spinney for sale,  new Cresswell Old Lane, history group idea, JCB reunion, Fire Service advice – and more.
(There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Leaning pole of Draycott

Did you get caught up in the traffic jams along Uttoxeter Road on Thursday? We hope not.
The cause of the problem was a telegraph pole (which was carrying not only power lines but a street-light too).   Probably because of the high winds, it had started to lean and was on its way to uprooting altogether (which would have brought down a nearby telephone wire too) and falling on to the main road.

Draycott power lines

The pole had clearly begun to lean away from the wall; and the police (in background) closed off the road

Inevitably, the authorities decided to close Uttoxeter Road completely from the Cheadle Road junction to Cresswell Lane junction while the pole was made safe.

Many motorists had to use  Cresswell Old Lane as linking rat-run back to the Uttoxeter Road.

– – –
New old road for Cresswell

Only a few days before that incident, it was Cresswell Old Lane itself that had been closed – but this time because of two days of re-surfacing work.

Cresswell Old Road

The new tarmac in Cresswell Old Lane starts just outside St Mary’s Church

New tarmac has been laid in three stretches along this narrow country lane. There’s a one hundred yard stretch from St Mary’s Church to the Draycott Potter football ground, and then a couple more shorter lengths just beyond the football ground and one near the A50 flyover.

It looks pretty good, and means that the pot-holes that used to be there won’t be shaking cars about so much. The only thing is that the tarmac is banked quite high on its edges, so it will crumble there… (but that’s inevitable… probably?)

– – –
Spinney for sale

Another house in Draycott is up for sale – one with really good views. On the ridge near Draycott Nurseries, The Spinney is for sale.  It is a nice old house, and it’s on the market for £280,000.

Meanwhile Hawthorne Farm (on Draycott Old Road) is still on the market some months after going up for sale.  Though expensive (£595,000) it would be worth it to anybody who trains horses as it already has equestrian facilities inbuilt as well as six acres of ground.

– – –
Meet up with JCB

A lot of people who live round here used to work at JCB, so it’s nice to see a reunion is coming up – at The Raddle Inn in Hollington, just a few miles away beyond Tean.
We’re not sure who’s organising it, but we do know the date, which is Thursday 29 Nov – and all are welcome, even folks who are still working at JCB!

– – –
History group, anyone?

We’ve lost count of the number of people who say they’d like to see a Draycott history group. If you’re one of them, you may fancy a drive out into the Peak District on Saturday (Nov 24) where the newly-formed Butterton History Group are having an open day in their village church between 2pm-4pm.

What’s interesting about this history group is that they actively go round collecting local old documents, photos etc, so the local people get very involved. They don’t just restrict themselves to research lectures.
They say they are more than happy to chat with anyone who turns up about how they started the group, and how they do what they do.  Maggie Risby is the person to ask for.

Do let us know too if you have ideas along these lines, and we’ll publicise it.

_ _ _
Fire common sense

Finally, the Staffordshire Fire Service are once again advising people in semi-rural areas (like Draycott) that a few thoughtful actions might save the day when calling the fire brigade in the event of a house-fire. These are:
#    Know your postcode – and memorise clear directions to your house
#   If you are off the main road, know how far exactly off the road you are, and try to memorise what local landmarks are near you (post-boxes etc).
#   Turn on outside lights
#    Station someone outside to alert the incoming crew

It’s all common sense, but, say the Fire Service, it’s worth thinking about these ideas beforehand. Just in case.

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One response to “News: problem power lines / Spinney sale / new Old Lane – & more

  1. a) History Group sounds a great idea
    b) The lower end of the lane resurfaced is Cresswell Old LANE whatever Google Maps may say!


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