Cresswell’s crazy street-naming

Some people may know this already… but some of Cresswell’s street-names are wrong! Well, at least according to most of the major sources.

This came to our attention recently when Father Hartley, the parish priest at St Mary’s, pointed out we had the address of his church wrong. He said that we should have listed it as being in ‘Cresswell Old Lane’.
However, Cresswell Old Lane does not exist – according to Google Maps!

Secondly, a number of visitors to Draycott kept telling us that ‘Cresswell Road’ was a local road.
But, as far as we know, Cresswell Road is the stretch down near Hilderstone… except that (you guessed it) – Cresswell Road is listed as being in Draycott on Google Maps…

Who’s right? What’s wrong?

The two streets with the number of confusing different names are the ones that form Cresswell’s main triangle.

Cresswell (north) map

The names of two of these roads seem to be in dispute!

So – what do the major sources call these roads? Well, by a number of different names.

Starting at the Izaak, and working anti-clockwise…
# Bing Maps have our triangular route as:  Cresswell Old Lane > Uttoxeter Road > Cresswell Lane.  See Bing map of Cresswell
# Philip’s (2002 version) – the definitive street-atlas for this area – have the route as:  Cresswell Old Road > Uttoxeter Road > Cresswell Lane
# Google Maps have our route as:  Cresswell Old Road > Uttoxeter Road > Cresswell Road.  See Google map of Cresswell
# The Post Office uses the Bing map.
(Incidentally, Google Maps also completely erases Sandon Road, just making it an extension of what they call Cresswell Road!   The real Cresswell Road is, in fact, the stretch beyond the southernmost end of Draycott, from the old Bird In Hand pub at Moss Lane down to Hilderstone).

So, as you can see all these maps use different road-names!

Cresswell Old Road, anyone?

Cresswell, Staffordshire

The Izaak Walton junction

Well, what about the actual road-signage itself?  Erm, that doesn’t really clear it up either.
The name on the street-sign of the road going from St Margaret’s to the Izaak is Cresswell Lane.

At the Izaak Walton junction, the name on the street-sign leading along to Newton says quite clearly… Cresswell Old Lane.  Yet, at the other end of the lane (at its junction with the main Uttoxeter Road), it says …  Cresswell Old Road!

cresswell old road sign

Cresswell Old Road sign on the junction with Uttoxeter Road

We then thought we would try the Ordnance Survey map (Explorer 258, 2000). But, as you may know the OS map only names a few roads:  it only names one of these roads we are looking at – and gave it the name Cresswell Old Lane.

We even tried some historical maps – see historical maps list – but none that we saw were any help.


No wonder visitors seeking directions are confused.

What’s clear is that Google Maps have got this section fairly wrong.
In fact they also even misname Totmonslow as Draycott-in-the-Moors (and Draycott-in-the-Moors as Draycott).
However, at least Google Maps do list Cresswell Old Road, even if incorrectly.

So it seems as though our triangular route should be named:  Cresswell Old Lane > Uttoxeter Road > Cresswell Lane.

But, if that’s correct, why is there a road-name sign for Cresswell Old Road standing?  And why do the Post Office not recognise Cresswell Old Road at all?


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One response to “Cresswell’s crazy street-naming

  1. I think all our postal addresses from the bridge down to the Isaac Walton are Cresswell Old Lane


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