Draycott Photo: Love at the bridge

In the old days, before spray-cans, graffiti could even be something carved into stone.
Old churches, old prisons, and even old bridge-parapets – like the one shown here – still carry marks from long-ago.

Cresswell bridge graffiti

Cresswell bridge is covered in graffiti marks

The bridge over the River Blithe at Cresswell is no exception.
You can’t see many of the markings on it easily, because they have worn over time, but on a day of sharp sunshine, the shadows help show up what is written there.

Mostly, we found undying declarations of love, presumably carved there by the former youth of Cresswell. As you can see from the photo, one lad called Barry is likely to be remembered for a long time!

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2 responses to “Draycott Photo: Love at the bridge

  1. According to Matthew Pointon’s history of the parish, the Cresswell Lane-Sandon Road highway was turnpiked in 1762 – and Matthew thinks the bridge was perhaps built then, so that would make it 250 years old.
    It must have seen a lot of lovers over those years…


  2. Nice photo… I bet that bridge could tell some stories


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