Draycott Photos: Xmas lights

It was a bit of a sombre Christmas in Draycott last year. A lot of people seemed to feel that it wasn’t worth putting lights up.
But, this year, despite the economic gloom, Father Christmas seems to be back in everyone’s good books…

Father Christmas lights

Father Christmas is the centre of attention in these Cresswell lights

And many houses have got more than just the one string of lights up…

Christmas display in garden

This garden in Stuart Avenue is getting into the Christmas feeling!

Though, to be fair, one single tree with brilliant lights can look very effective too…

Christmas tree lights display

This Christmas tree lights-display can be seen on the main road through Draycott

(Blythe Business Park have even got into the mood – they have a very big tree at the entrance, which is good to see) … and then, we love the quirky side of house-decoration too…

Christmas display

It looks like some of Santa’s elves stopped off in Cresswell for a tea-break

And these are just a few of the photos that we could have taken of displays in and around Draycott-in-the-Moors!

If you have some photos of Christmas lights in Draycott/Cresswell/Totmonslow which you’d like to see up on this website, please email them in


One response to “Draycott Photos: Xmas lights

  1. Christmas lights

    Well all I can say, as the song goes “It’s looking a lot like Christmas….” and it’s a pleasure to drive up the road and see all the lights – some are the old ones but then there are the new neighbours. I still put the wreath on the door not that anyone particcular will see it!
    M + Maureen Myers, LHF, Cresswell


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