News of: local radio; fitness help; Manor reunited; cricket loss

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in mid January 2013

We have news of:  the ‘other’ local radio station;  reuniting the friends of Draycott Manor; an incentive the fight the flab!; the sad demise of a cricket supporter  – and more.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Snow radio

During this snow-time, it has been worth listening to BBC Radio Stoke for news of what’s happening on the roads and the railways.
But someone did remind us that Draycott actually has another local radio station.

Moorlands RadioYes, it is easy to forget Moorlands Radio (which broadcasts on 103.7 FM) because it is a much smaller operation than its BBC rival, but its shows do have that local flavour which many of us enjoy.
And it’s good to know that it does do traffic reports too…

– – –
Reunite for the Manor

Thanks incidentally for the comments about our last post, which was about Draycott Moor College.  The college took over the buildings that became available after Draycott Manor Primary School closed down in 2006.

It was a sad day when the school closed, but many of those who went there may be glad to know that there is a Friends Reunited website dedicated to putting ex-pupils, staff and supporters back in touch.
Mick tells us that over 200 people are registered on the site; and there are some really old photos there too, which are fascinating.
See:  Draycott Manor Primary School on Friends Reunited. You have to sign up if you want to see all the postings there.

Oddly, there is a second (surely redundant?) site on Friends Reunited also dedicated to Draycott Primary.  Fortunately, there is no activity on that page!

– – –
Fight the flab

Well, the snow has not helped of course, but by now many of us should have started on our annual New Year Exercise Regime. (Yes, it usually fails miserably, but that’s no reason for not trying it every year…)

This year, the Draycott Sports Centre is trying to make it easier however.
The club is offering a new, reduced price of £195 a year for a subscription to use its gym.  As far as we are aware, this is a very good price, and compares favourably with a lot of other fitness centres.

In fact, it’s worth just dropping in at the centre to have a look round.  There are all sorts of classes – including the latest, vey successful, weekly session in Pilates – and apparently the management have just invested in twenty brand-new ‘spinning bikes’ too.
(We were as impressed by the fact that there is also a pool table in the room next to the bar…)

You never know – the New Year Exercise regime may last a lot longer this year!

– – –
Gone before

Many of us will not have read this month in the papers about the death of Ted Beech.  Ted is particularly missed at Blythe Cricket Club, where he was a noted enthusiast of the club and of the game.
Fittingly perhaps, he is now buried just yards from the club’s pitch, in the graveyard at St Mary’s Church in Cresswell. St Mary’s is sited on one edge of the ground.

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One response to “News of: local radio; fitness help; Manor reunited; cricket loss

  1. Draycott Primary

    Glad you like the REALLY old photos on Friends Reunited – I’m in one of them! (Really old at 53?) LOL.
    Problem with sites like Friends is that you have to get titles perfect. Draycott School was known, back in the old days, as Draycott Manor County Primary School, not Draycott Manor Primary School, so more than one site can be started on the same subject if people don’t use the exact same title.
    Hope that helps,
    From a really old expat, Mick Bettany


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