Snow comes to Draycott

The snow turned up this week bringing its usual mix of delight and dismay.  On Monday there was a light fall, which stuck – and then today (Friday), boom! – a very heavy fall.  On exposed areas, such as the fields to the sides of Uttoxeter Road, the snow was six inches deep.

Have a look at some of the photos people took… The slideshow below features a dozen photos – and flips from one to the next automatically.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ready for more winter?

Well, even if we aren’t, it seems like the authorities are.  There are some very useful pages on their various websites with information and forward-links to do with when the temperatures fall.
There’s information on a range of things – from keeping warm to gritters.

The Staffordshire Moorlands Council ‘winter page’ is good for links to charities among other information.

Staffordshire County Council’s ‘winter conditions page’ has a lot about gritting and safer driving.

Finally the council’s ‘Ice Busters page’ explains how local volunteers who want to ensure their communities function properly during poor conditions can work with the authorities.

The best and easiest thing one can do of course for one’s neighbours is to clear the pavements outside one’s house; the ‘Ice Busters page’ has advice on how best to do this, as does the Met Office Snow-Clearing page

Good luck to us, one and all!

If you too would like to submit a photo or short video of the snow, please get in touch


2 responses to “Snow comes to Draycott

  1. I’ve got some photos too… how do I post them?
    How about a competition for the longest icicles?
    Fr David Hartley


  2. Sorry,had to laugh at the photo!
    I am so glad I now live in Canada in winter. Even with 18″ of snow overnight, roads are clear by 7am,pavements by 8am.
    everybody helps anyone who cannot clear snow. True friends and neighbours; those were the days.
    Mick Bettany


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