News of: big meetings / charity champs / a birthday / Red Hands

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late January 2013

We have news of:  dates of community meetings in health and planning; more snow photos; some charity champions; Red Hand Day – and Andrew’s birthday announcement…
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Community meetings

There are a couple of important regional meetings coming up which will be of interest to local community activists.
As well as the hearing into the Staffordshire Moorlands Council’s  ‘Core Strategy’ – which will set all the planning conditions locally for the next few years –  which runs from Feb 5th to 7th, there is also the NHS 111 meeting on 28 Feb.
Both take place in Leek.

Although Parish Councils can attend the ‘Core Strategy’ meeting, the only local group speaking for Draycott in this instance will be the VVSM residents group, who got a speaking slot on February 6th in which to put their case forward.
Anyone at all can also attend to listen, but you do need to book a seat – by emailing the Programme Officer, Pippa Home .

As for the NHS 111 meeting,  this takes place on 28 Feb at 5.30pm at the Council offices in Leek.  NHS 111 is a new service being introduced by the NHS in Staffordshire, which will be encouraging all of us to use a new telephone number – 111 – for less urgent calls, instead of dialling 999.
To book a (free) place for you or your organisation, or both, at the meeting  email Amanda Harvey.

By the way, local community groups will also be interested to know that £10,000 of funding is up for grabs in the Moorlands region.
The ‘Moorlands Housing’s Tenant Scrutiny Panel’ is allocating the money, but wants to receive all applications by Jan 31, so there isn’t much time!  You need to email Gavin McAlister for an application form.

– – –
Snow pix

Thanks to everybody for their pictures of the snow in Draycott, Cresswell and Totmonslow. We just keep adding them to the gallery, so keep watching this space…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– – –
You’ve been birthdayed

Yes, these days it’s quite hard to keep a birthday – even your 40th – a quiet affair.  Some friend somehow always decides that it’s a good idea that your world should share your happiness (!)

40th birthday placard

Yes, Andrew, it’s your birthday!

A number of placards like this one (which was located outside the Draycott Sports Centre) sprang up overnight this week attached to lamp-posts.
Hard luck, Andrew Mardling – now everybody knows how old you are!

– – –
Charity champions

Congratulations must go to the Swinson Family of Cresswell who have proved to be charitable champions.
When Steve, the head of the family, died in a construction accident two years ago, they – with family friend Dave Bradbury – decided to do positive something in his memory.

Amazingly, by organising a number of fund-raising activities, they finished 2012 having raised a stunning sum – almost £4000.
The money has gone to the Midlands Air Ambulance, a cause that was near to Steve’s heart.

– – –
Get red-handed

Incidentally, Draycott Moor College are hoping all sorts of local groups – from the local Women’s Institute branch to church groups to residents associations to youth clubs will join in with their Red Hand Day efforts.
Red Hand Day remembers the plight of those children who are abducted in war-zones and forced to become soldiers. It sounds unbelievable, but guerrilla armies often do press-gang kids and train them to kill; and it’s estimated that there may be 250,000 child-soldiers today.

Red Hand Day prints

Red Hand Day prints on the gates at Draycott College

The way to take part in International Red Hand Day, which is on 12th February is to simply to dye one’s hand red & make an imprint of it on a piece of paper – and then post it up somehow.

As you can see from this photo of the college’s gates (right), the youngsters there have started their campaign already. The pupils have even written to the heads of the political parties to ask them to end this tragic state of affairs.

You can help them by making your print and dropping it off at the school (ST11 9AH), so that then the whole of the fencing at the front of school will be covered in red hands.
If your group needs red dye and paper, the college staff will even bring it to you, and also collect (when dry!). For more details, contact Paul at Draycott College or phone 01782 399849.

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