News of: grit pilfering / new face at Arms / saintly book – & more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early February 2013

We have news of:  grit pilfering; new face at The Arms; Saint book; Mango Tree on web; – and snowdrops!
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Grit troubles

During the recent week of heavy snow, it was great to see neighbours helping each other. Much praise must go to whoever it was who cleared snow off nearly fifty yards of pavement on Cresswell Lane!

Sadly however, there is always a downside; and it appears some people, perhaps even from outside the area, were unlawfully removing grit from the grit-bins.
We have a great deal of respect for the parish councillor who challenged those motorists who were stopping by to help themselves.

The fact is that the grit in these bins is provided solely for use on the immediately surrounding roads and pavements – and is not meant for use on householders’ drive-ways or paths. (If you see what you think may be thieving – for that is what it is -, you’re asked to take the registration number and inform Crimestoppers.)

grit bin

Grit bin in Stuart Avenue – and yes, it is brand-new

In one way, however, we don’t blame some of the people – because they may not have known these rules.
The county council, who provide these bins, were supposed to attaching stickers to them outlining the regulations – but as you can see in the photo, this one in Stuart Avenue has no stickers at all.

– – –
Welcome to Amy

There is a new face at The Draycott Arms. Amy Langridge is settling in nicely as the new manager at pub, and she says she’s enjoying herself!

amy langridge

Amy – now a familiar face at The Arms

Amy’s appointment means that John & Deryn Ford can now step back a little from the day-to-day running of the pub. They have been working flat out since The Arms opened in December; but now that lambing time is here, the couple do have to keep more of an eye on their farm.

– – –
Mango Tree joins the ‘net

Talking of local eateries, the Mango Tree Restaurant on Uttoxeter Road has at last got its website up and running; and it’s colourful, simple and easy-to-use, which is all one wants from a website (we think).

You can even make your reservation online now.  See:

– – –
Matt & Saint Bertram

That prolific author, Matt Pointon, has come up with another piece of writing to benefit St Margaret’s Church.

Statue of St Bertram

Statue of St Bertram in Longnor Church

You may remember that Matt, who is a local lad, is the talented author of ‘A History of The Parish of Draycott-en-le-Moors’ (which you can still buy for £10 from the local parish council clerk).
Well, now he’s added to his works with a booklet that gives an imaginative outline to the story of the pre-Norman Staffordshire hermit & holy man, Saint Bertram. Saint Bertram’s tomb can still be seen at Ilam, just twenty or so miles from here.
The booklet costs £2, and is on sale in St Margaret’s Church.

All profits from sales (from both the booklet and the book about the history of the parish) go toward the running costs of the church.

– – –
Green shoots

Finally, we know it’s best not to be fooled too early, but – could Spring be in the air?

JC tells us that the snowdrops are coming into bloom already on the lane through the Newton Farms.  This year, he says, it looks like it is going to be a magnificent show.

If you want to get that Spring feeling, just take the foot-path track off Old Cresswell Lane at Newton Farm, get to the junction at the end of the track, and then go left.  You shouldn’t have to leave the public footpath to enjoy the sight.
Incidentally, JC also tells us that the farm-dog is very friendly, so don’t be afraid to give him a pat!

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