News of: election / Mother’s Day / football / noticeboards / & more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early March 2013

We have news of:  elections opportunities;  Mother’s Day opportunities!; football surprises; dilapidated notice-boards; and Food Bank requests.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Ready for the elections?

With the county council elections looming (we go to the polls on May 2nd), the Moorlands District Council is offering a most interesting opportunity.
If you yourself would like to stand in the elections, or just want to know what’s involved in doing so, there is a special information day on March 13th (next Wednesday).
If you want to attend, it’s all free, and you can find out the details by clicking here.

Talking of the elections, you can only vote if you are on the Electoral Register.
Normally, you’d get a form in October to register, but if you failed to register then, it’s still okay to register now.  To vote in the elections, you need to register by April 17.
For all those kinds of things, and even how to vote by post, see the Council’s Election Pages.

– – –
The most important day of the year

If you want to ensure that your life is worth living over the next few weeks, DON’T FORGET Mother’s Day – it’s this Sunday.

If you have completely forgotten to get anything, the Draycott Plant Nurseries have a selection of gifts and planters for sale.  If your Mum is a keen gardener, Carolyn (one of the owners) tells us that their Spring stock of roses and fruit trees is also available now.
And for something a bit different, the specialist confectioners, The Cake Station, who are based on Blyth Park in Cresswell will do almost anything you ask for in the shape of a cake. Amazing but true.

Oddly enough, Mothering Sunday is also the day the ancient Draycott Dole is handed out.
In the will of a 16th century rector of Draycott enough provision was left for the ‘deserving’ of the parish to receive a small sum of money each year on this date.  It’s a fascinating tradition, and is still carried on today.  If you’d like to read more about it, click here.

– – –
Title on its way?

We haven’t mentioned football on this website for a while, especially after Draycott Potter FC’s title aspirations in Uttoxeter Sunday League One rather fell away at the turn of the year.  However the boys did put in a terrific performance when they held JCB Lakeside FC, the leaders of the league, to a 1-1 draw earlier this month.

In doing so, they actually greatly helped the ambitions of Tean Albion, who have now leapfrogged JCB into the top spot in the division. By strange coincidence Draycott Potter and Tean Albion both play on the same pitch – the one in Cresswell Old Lane.
Is the title heading this way?

If you like to watch football, there’s always a good game at the Cresswell pitch.  To see what games are coming up, check the Cheadle & Tean Times sports pages.

– – –
Draycott & district repairs

The Parish Council has been thinking what necessary repairs are needed in this district; and it seems they plan to take a good look at how much it will cost to repair and/or renew the village notice boards.
There are three altogether – in the Cresswell lay-by, by Stuart Avenue, and one by The Draycott Arms.

Noticeboard in Cresswell lay-by

Noticeboard (with emergency repair) in Cresswell lay-by

They do look rather dilapidated, it’s true, and the one in Cresswell has even had to have a little rough & ready repair this month to stop it toppling over – as you can see in the photo.
The repair was done by a local community activist, who did it for nothing, which just goes to show that we can do some things ourselves; we don’t have to wait for a Corporation Man to come and do it for us…

Another activist who has also decided it’s time for a bit of individual energy is Ken Hartley.  He is keen to collect and deliver suitable food to the newly-opened Food Bank in Leek.
It seems terrible to think that we need such a facility in this day and age, but it is being used.

Ken has organised a collecting box at St Mary’s RC Church in Cresswell.  There is an urgent request for: tinned potatoes, packets of instant mashed potatoes, tinned fish, tinned meat, sugar, fruit juice, long life milk, biscuits and coffee.
For more details, email St Mary’s

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