The Draycott ‘Parochial Church Council Electoral Roll’

Every April, the ‘Draycott-in-the-Moors Parochial Church Council‘ holds this year’s AGM.  But – what is the PCC, and how does one get to be a member?

St Margaret's Church, Draycott in The Moors

St Margaret’s Church

A ‘Parochial Church Council’ is quite different to a parish council, although both are legally important bodies.  A PCC looks after the affairs of the local Church Of England parish church (St Margaret’s Church in our case), while Draycott Parish Council is (quite separately and quite differently) a tier of local government.
(Here in Draycott, both the PCC and the PC have similar boundaries).


Therefore, if the Draycott Parochial Church Council simply is a body relating to St Margaret’s Church,  one would have thought that the qualification to attend it (and vote at its AGM) was simply being able to prove that you were a regular attender at St Margaret’s…? You’d have thought so.
But, apparently not.

More people than just regular attenders can qualify.
For example, even if you worship at another Anglican church somewhere else, so long as you live in the parish, you can still qualify.
And, if you have been a regular attender at St Margaret’s, but are now too frail to attend “habitually”, you can still qualify.
You can even be attending St Mary’s (the Catholic Church) and still qualify! (Though that is a bit more complicated).
And, “habitual attendance” does not mean going every Sunday – in fact, it can even mean going much less frequently than that.

Electoral roll (Church version)

But… even if you do qualify as a resident, you still need another basic qualification – registration on the so-called ‘Church Electoral Roll’.
Even if your church attendance record qualifies you (and you are over 16), you still must fill in the form and register on the St Margaret’s Church Electoral Roll.

Incidentally this roll is renewed every six years – for bureaucratic reasons.
2013 was the latest ‘sixth year’.
At the moment, there are fewer than 50 people on St Margaret’s roll.

If you want to support your local parish church, or just have a say in what goes on there, or vote at the PCC meeting, you must register.
It will cost you nothing, and the form is only a few lines long.

To find out more and obtain the form,  email David Meller (St Margaret’s PCC Secretary).

Teenagers welcome

And here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know.
The Church of England is very advanced on one rule in particular.  To be on the roll and to be voted on to the Parochial Church Council executive, the minimum age is… just sixteen. That’s all.
Well, that is a surprise.

Link:  What is a Parochial Church Council?

2 responses to “The Draycott ‘Parochial Church Council Electoral Roll’

  1. St Mary's 'take-over'

    I am most intriuged about the suggestion that our people at St Mary’s could be on St Margaret’s PCC… could we make this a first, and stage a take over??
    Maybe at least of the Draycott family chantry chapel!?

    Fr David Hartley (st Mary’s)


    • Yes – strange but true! According to the rules of PCCs – a member of another religious grouping, provided he or she subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and is prepared to worship occasionally at the C of E church, may apply to the Ecclesiastical Electoral Roll.
      In fact, I am aware of people who are happy to worship in a Catholic churech one week, and in a C of E church the next, so I suppose they are exactly the kind of people whom this rule is aimed at. I suppose so, anyway


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