In one of the tabloid papers, they had one of their usual puns – “we’re SNOW bored of this now!”   And surely that’s true:  we’re all fed up with these bouts of snow, aren’t we?
We’ve counted seven separate bouts of snow since the New Year!

snowman at Cresswell

Cresswell has a new guardian at its entrance – until the thaw anyway…

So, this weekend a number of events have been cancelled, though the party for Betty Hammond’s 100th birthday at the Sports Club did manage to go ahead on the Saturday, thanks to a lot of people rallying round.
One local farmer deserves praise for turning up and clearing the whole car park at the club of snow drifts, otherwise it could have been chaos for the guests.
And the municipal snow ploughs were out on the Saturday morning clearing all the main thoroughfares – well done to them – and so all the guests were able to get to the club too.
And Betty had a wonderful time…!

However, one event cancelled because of the snow is the Thanksgiving Service for Betty’s long life.  It was due to take place at St Margaret’s Church on Sunday, but the lane is impassable because of the snow.

Good Samaritan

Friday night was the worst night because the wind kept brushing the snow into huge drifts.

snow drifts

Snow drifts made driving very nasty indeed

As you can see from this photo (right), where the drifts have taken over half the road on the route to Hilderstone, it was not a good night to be out.  (Thanks to JL for the photo).

Happily though, there are some good news stories in all this snow. We received this email:
“Please mention on your website the wonderful guy who stopped on Cresswell Lane late on Friday night to help haul my car out of a ditch. I’d skidded into it off the road, due to sliding on a nasty drift that had built up.  There was no one else about on the road, and he had two children in the car, yet he saw my distress and stopped and helped.  That’s true kindness indeed.”

Yes, that is real kindness, especially as on Friday night the roads were just getting worse and worse.


As we’ve remarked, this has been a long, long winter and two people who have really felt it are Jonathan and Emma up at the Huntley Quarry Outdoor Recreation Centre up on the Cheadle Road.
Their grand opening was due to take place in a couple of weeks, but the icy weather has forced a postponement.
Customers who made bookings in April are having to be turned away, which, when you think of all the delays already, must be very disappointing for the young couple.  (The irony is that this time twelve months ago was uncharacteristically warm and dry).

However, ‘never say die’ is the couple’s motto, and – unless we have a new Ice Age – the centre will open in May.

Totmonslow station under snow

At least the snow makes for great photos. Thanks to JC who sent us this terrific one, of Totmonslow Station (on the old railway line)


Talking of kindnesses…  as usual, the best thing we can do for our neighbours in this time – apart from checking they are well – is simply to clear the pavements in front of our houses.  It reduces the amount of ice, which means fewer people slip and break a bone.
Now, that kind of result is worth the effort of getting out there with a spade, in our opinion.

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