News of: council tax / hat-trick / ancient election / VVSM joy

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in late March 2013

We have news of:  no rise in council tax; your chance to vote in an ancient election; hat-trick for Dan Rooksby; and VVSM celebrations over business park.
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)

– – –
Some good news about tax…

Most of us have had notices through the letter-box now, telling us what the council tax will be this year. The good news is that we’ll be paying more or less the same as last year – in other words, a slight drop in real terms (taking inflation into account).
This is because most of the relevant authorities whom we have to pay the council tax to have decided on no rises.

Our own parish council, Draycott-in-the-Moors PC, had originally sought an increase (see previous post), but after discussion, and in view of the economic climate, has also decided to remain at last year’s level.
This means that (with the ‘District Council grant’ added on) Draycott PC will receive £6,703 this year, of which £6,187.28 comes directly from council tax.

For more info, see Council Tax 2013/14 in the Staffordshire Moorlands / What Parish Council in Staffordshire Moorlands will receive 2013/14

– – –
Want to be an ancient police officer?

One of the weirdest things about ancient English traditions is that some really are still on the statute book.  For example, did you know that church wardens at a local parish church still have the legal power to arrest anyone misbehaving within the church confines?  Strange – but true.

The other strange thing is that anyone – including you and me – has the right to elect such church wardens.
Here in Draycott you don’t have to be a member of St Margaret’s Church, or even religious… Anyone over 16 who lives in the parish has the right to take part in the elections.

If you’d like to exercise your ancient right, the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (also know as the ‘Annual Vestry Meeting’) is where it all happens; and this year it takes place at 11.30am on Sunday April 14th at St Margaret’s.
The meeting is followed immediately by the AGM of the Parochial Church Council.  For details email the PCC Secretary

You have to love these ancient rights and traditions…!

– – –
Marksman Dan

The astonishing Dan Rooksby has really hit form again for Draycott Potter FC.   Another brilliant display from him (with yet another hat-trick!) saw the Potters recently beat Blacksmiths Arms 8-4 to get through to the semi-finals of the Uttoxeter Sunday Charity Cup.
They must now have a realistic chance of lifting the trophy…

– – –
Cheers all round

The members of the VVSM Action Group must be celebrating this week – after learning that some of their hard work has had a very successful result.

As you may know, there has been a big consultation about the Staffordshire Moorlands Council’s proposed ‘Core Strategy’.  As part of this, the council were suggesting that further expansion of the Blythe Business Park in Cresswell would be no bad thing.
VVSM disagreed with that point of view – and explained their case in person at last month’s official hearing into the strategy.

The inspector has now reported back his findings; and he clearly agreed with VVSM in his report:
“The support for the expansion of the Blythe Business Park is not justified in the supporting text.  The evidence indicates 70ha of employment land available in rural areas (over 56ha with planning permission) [doc MC(5)], and the location of the site is within a Special Landscape Area (Local Plan, Policy N8).
There is no evidence before this Examination to indicate that account has been taken of the proximity and potential impact on the neighbouring settlement of Cresswell, or that the known toxicity of industrial waste has been acknowledged as part of the process of determining whether the principle of expansion is feasible or desirable.”

Well, it seems VVSM must have put a forceful case!

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One response to “News of: council tax / hat-trick / ancient election / VVSM joy

  1. Well done VVSM!

    You are doing such a tremendous job and all your hard work is very much appreciated.
    Cheers, Maureen and Mike


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