Draycott Photo: PC celebrates Betty

The celebrations to mark Betty Hammond’s 100th birthday have continued, and it was fitting that Draycott Parish Council should also have a special party for Betty. After all, she served on the council for over thirty years!

A select party of current councillors and some others met with Betty at the Church & Community Hall last week, with a specially-arranged buffet-tea.

Draycott Parish Council's Celebration for Betty Hammond 2013

Draycott Parish Council’s celebration for Betty Hammond’s 100th

In the photo above, Betty is sitting in the centre, with her eldest son Graham to the left.
Standing behind her, left to right, are Mark Swinnerton (former councillor), Mark Deaville (current councillor), Mary Edwards (Parish Clerk), Jane Meller (current councillor), George Marsh (former councillor), Pauline Clarke (current councillor), Tony Fletcher (current Parish Council chairman), Gordon Winfield (current councillor), John Ford (current councillor).

We’re told that all had a great time, though Betty has told us (with a twinkle in her eye) that she’s not considering standing for re-election… at the moment…!

The food was provided by Tony Fletcher and his wife Jill.  Mark Deaville provided the drinks. The parish council also made a contribution to Mrs Hammond’s favourite charities – the Dougie Mac, Moorlands Homelink and the Salvation Army.Thanks to John Clarke for the photo.***
If you have some photos of life in Draycott/Cresswell/Totmonslow, which you’d like to see up on this website, please email them in


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