Photo Pick: The Cannonball

You may have heard of the story of a local man who recently fished a cannonball out of the River Tean just where it touches on Totmonslow.  George Plant found the seventeenth century ball when he was helping clean out the waterway there.
It is now on display at the Shades Beauty Shop in Tean.

But could there be a connection with Paynsley Hall, the old manor house that once stood slap bang in the centre of Draycott parish?

Seventeenth century cannonball

The cannonball on display at Shades

The fact is that Paynsley Hall, which was on a site near the present Painsley Hall Farm at the back of Newton/Cresswell, was held for the Royalists during the English Civil War.
However, Cromwell’s Roundheads were having none of that, and attacked and vanquished the inhabitants.

The full story is told on the Draycott History Website, which we mentioned in our last post.
The hall has since fallen down.

Could this cannonball have come from that very skirmish nearly four hundred years ago?


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