Draycott Photo: sad memories

The emergence of daffodils means that Spring is here at last.

This should then be  a time of hope, but for one family, it just brings back painful reminders of an accident that took a loved one.
You may have seen the ‘roadside memorial’ on the corner of Uttoxeter Road and Cresswell Lane (opposite St Margaret’s). It marks the spot of a fatal accident a few years back; and it’s been kept up since the accident occurred.
Last week, a large fresh arrangement of flowers and cards was laid.

Draycott roadside memorial

The roadside ‘shrine’ in the centre of Draycott

The cards left on the site remember Lee, and say he would have been forty this month if he had lived.

A sad sight.

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One response to “Draycott Photo: sad memories

  1. Sad memorial

    Think this happened around 1989 – just before we moved to this area. Too young to go.
    Maureen Myers


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