News: missing girl; speeding cars; advertise at cricket; 100 year old Hannah

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in early May 2013

We have news of:  missing teenage girl; the problem of speeding cars, and a new Speed Watch group; how to advertise with Blythe Cricket; and ANOTHER one-hundred year old!
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– – –
Have you seen Bethany?

Police officers are saying that they are now concerned about a local fifteen year old girl, Bethany Wallace, who has been missing for a week now.  Today they issued an appeal asking for sightings of her.
The police don’t think she’s gone far, but they would like to know where she is.

Fr all the details, click here.  If you think you know where Bethany is, call the police on the Staffordshire appeals telephone number, 101.

– – –
Speeding cars – a big issue

The Parish Assembly meeting earlier this week – this is the annual meeting at which local people can bring up their concerns about life in Draycott – had a big discussion about the issue of cars speeding through the village, especially on Draycott level, and also on the hump by the Hunter pub at Cresswell.

Speed indication device at draycott


The parish council members were able to report that a temporary SID (speed indication device) had helped to catch over thirty motorists speeding along the stretch by the dual carriageway, but the councillors also reported their disappointment – that the SIDs cannot be placed in the village as often as they liked.

Of course, the discussion was heightened by the fact that we’ve had three accidents here in the past seven days – one on the road to Tean, in which a woman was injured; a hit-and-run in which a car seems to have smashed into a wall at Totmonslow; and another at the Cheadle end of the district when two people were injured in a crash at the Draycott Cross Road junction.

In a letter to this website, Danielle Dyke explained that this affects residents here a lot – her own father was injured in an accident right outside his own house.

What can be done?  Well, the parish council is pressing for the SIDs to be brought back here more frequently.
And at Draycott Cross, they have set up a new Speed Watch group. (We have had a longstanding Speed watch group in Cresswell for some time of course).

So… does anyone fancy being part of a new Speed Watch group at Draycott Level?  Full training is given, and it’s not hard work.  If you do, contact the parish council.

– – –
Advertise at the cricket

Some happier news is that Blythe Cricket Club has had a great start to the season with two wins out of two for the first team.

If you run a business, or know someone who runs a business, you can support the club, and, at the same time, get some publicity.
The way to do this is to buy up an advertising hoarding space – there are around half-a-dozen of these  already around the ground. Among the advertisers you’ll find The Mango Tree restaurant, Johnson’s Homemade Pies, All Star Mower Repairs, Chandni Cottage Restaurant and more.

Blythe CC hoardings

Some of the hoardings on the Blythe CC ground

It only costs around £500 per board per season, so it seems a good investment to us.
Contact Blythe CC for details…

– – –
Fun fact about Draycott

We promised a while ago that we’d try to bring you fun-facts about Draycott whenever we could.

Well, here’s one. According to the ‘British History’ website,  Draycott is certainly the place to be if you want to live a long life.
Even in the bad old days, when a man might live just to an age of forty on average, a Hannah Barnes, of Draycott village, who died in 1777, lived to be 100 years.

So, our very own Betty Hammond, who recently also celebrated her own one-hundredth, is maybe not so unusual after all!

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