Draycott news: new councillor; fresh election; pub quizzes; and more

News-in-brief of Draycott-In-The-Moors in May 2013

We have news of:  our new county councillor; a parish council election; pub quizzes galore; Kimberley’s arrival; and five out of five for the Draycott Arms!
(NB – There are also dozens of events in the area. Check out the Events page!)
– – –
New man in town

Congratulations to Mark Deaville, who is our new county councillor.

Mark took on the Conservative Party nomination (succeeding Mike Maryon, who has retired from the council), and managed to win the Cheadle & Checkley ward quite handsomely at last week’s elections.
He polled almost half the total votes cast, which is pretty overwhelming. (See full results here).

Mark Deaville

Mark Deaville

Mark is pretty well known to most of us of course.  Not only is he already a member of the Draycott Parish Council, but he also sits on Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for our area – so he’s going to be pretty busy…

Mark lives in Totmonslow; and his ‘day-job’ is running the Anchor Inn at next-door Teanford, so he knows Draycott-in-the-Moors very well, and can be expected to stand up for this district.

– – –
Parish election called

Talking of the Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council, the authorities have just announced that an election has been called – for the seat on the parish council left vacant after Ken’s Shelley’s sad death.
The usual procedure is that at least ten local electors must request an election for an election to take place; and we understand that nearly fifty put in a request (!)

The next announcement will be the date of the election (which must, by law, takes place in the next two months); and also the call for candidates.

We have been told that there is one person who will definitely stand, but if no other candidates come forward, then she will simply be “elected unopposed” and there will be no formal election process.
And, it seems some people do hope that that only one person will come forward – as this will save the cost of an election.  At an estimated £1500, the cost of an election represents around a quarter of the parish council’s annual budget.

– – –
Exercise those grey cells at The Arms

If you are looking for some intellectual excitement, you’ll be happy to know that The Draycott Arms is now putting on a pub quiz every Monday evening. Cost is £1 per person; and the entertainment is led by question-master John Ford.
Incidentally, this makes now four pub quiz nights within walking distance of Draycott.  As well as the Draycott Arms one, there is the Sunday night quiz at The Red Lion in Boundary, and the quizzes on Sunday afternoon and Tuesdays at The Hunter.

Kim Barker at Draycott Arms

Kim Barker – settling in at The Draycott Arms

If you do ever go along to The Draycott Arms for a pint, you’ll notice a new face behind the bar.  Kimberley Barker, who trained at The Weathervane just down the road in Meir Heath, is the new manager; and she says she’s settling in nicely.
She takes over from Amy Langridge, who has left for pastures new.

Talking of the management at The Arms (and their amazing Italian chef), we have to send our congratulations after the kitchens at the pub achieved a maximum five stars out of five for their food hygiene.
Local inspectors recently published their report on the ratemyplace.org.uk website. Well done!

(A survey of Staffordshire’s food-places done by local resident & Sentinel journalist David Elks was created too early to include The Draycott Arms, but it shows just how comprehensive these hygiene inspections are, and how hard it is to get a top rating. See his Staffordshire Food Standards Map).

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